Opengear Advanced Console Servers Support NERC CIP Standards

Opengear (, today announced it has added IPSec High Availability VPN gateway software to the IM4200 advanced console server allowing electric utilities to meet the NERC CIP standards. 

The IM4200 advanced console server is an electric utility console server enabling electric utilities around the world to securely manage their power generation plants, control systems and transmission infrastructure. 

Opengear’s new IPSec High Availability VPN gateway software console server enables users to connect to managed infrastructure within a secure IPSec VPN network. In the case of a network outage, the console server will automatically reconnect the VPN using modem or broadband failover. 

“Our console server lines have always offered a rich array of security features including Radius and TACACS authentication and authorization, SSL encryption and extensive data and access logging,” said Bob Waldie, founder of Opengear. “With this release, we offer our utility partners the unique combination of out of band access and failover with highly secure IPSec connections. Electric utilities can now manage their critical infrastructure over the Internet so they comply with the NERC CIP standard.”

More information regarding support for CIP by the Advanced Console Server family can be found on

About NERC

NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation) is a nonprofit corporation that ensures that the bulk electric system in North America is reliable, adequate and secure. The CIP (Critical Infrastructure Protection) standards maintained by NERC ensure the protection of the assets that control or effect the reliability of the bulk electric systems. NERC CIP compliance is mandatory and enforceable across all power utility and distribution companies.

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