Opengear Announces Industrial ACM50004-2-I to Remotely Manage High Value, Intelligent Devices in Industrial Networks

Opengear ( a leading provider of next-generation console server and remote management solutions, today announced the ACM5004-2-I, Opengear’s first in the family of industrial device servers. 

The Opengear ACM5004-2-I industrial secure device server provides a secure monitoring and control solution for managing all the IT infrastructure and edge devices in remote locations. The products feature rugged metal enclosures, captive power terminal blocks and the widest range of serial, USB and digital I/O interfaces. Extended temperature models are available for managing equipment in utility plants, pipelines and other remote locations requiring a hardened solution. 

Opengear’s ACM5004-2-I has several advantages over other vendor’s existing solutions including: 

  • Power control: Opengear offers the only secure device server that manages Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). The Network UPS Tools embedded in all Opengear secure device servers enable network managers to securely monitor and manage their distributed UPS hardware using a common interface. This makes the ACM5004-2-I perfect for environments that require 24 x 7 uptime.
  • Rock Solid security (IPSec, FIPS 140-2 SSL, OpenVPN): Opengear has spent considerable resources to ensure that its customers have access to the most secure VPN connections available today including IPSec, FIPS 140-2 SSL and OpenVPN.
  • Two integrated digital TTL-level (5V max) I/O ports and two “High-Voltage” (>5V to <= 30V) digital output ports for interfacing to relays, solenoids, lamps, valves, sirens, keypads and contacts.
  • Environmental monitoring (integrated appliance): The Opengear offers integrated remote environmental monitoring including ambient temperature and humidity.
  • Range of models with integrated out-of-band connectivity including 3G cellular, 802.11 wireless and V.92 modem: Opengear was the first secure device server to offer secure, remote access by 3G GSM connections.
  • Programmable: Opengear’s open source Linux platform allows for easy, customizable BASH scripting.
  • Automatically initiates secure IP session from fire-walled networks to central management system.
  • Comprehensive SNMP support and integration with leading corporate network management systems.
  • Broadly compatible: Opengear’s ACM5004-2-I has a number of connection options, including four software selectable RS-232/422/485 serial ports with Cisco RJ45 pinout, also DB9 & DB25 adapters for connecting to all major equipment.

“This new ACM5004-2-I model is the first in our family of hardened ACMs for industrial applications,” said Bob Waldie, chairman and CEO of Opengear. “The Opengear ACM5000 will be used in a wide variety of applications where reliable and durable connectivity solutions are expected including Industrial, Telecommunications, Transportation, Oil and Gas, Utilities, ATM, Kiosk and M2M.”

Opengear is offering 3 models of the ACM5004-2-I, all with 4 serial ports software selectable RS-232/422/485, 2 10/100 ethernet ports, 2 USB ports: 

  • ACM5004-2-I: The standard unit is designed for industrial networks, which can include retail, banking, kiosk and gaming environments. The ACM5004-2-I offers four serial ports software selectable RS232/422/485 with digital I/O ports and external AC power supply. It retails at $475.
  • ACM5004-2-I-SDC: Designed for telecommunication networks, the SDC comes with serial ports software, four serial ports software selectable RS232/422/485 with digital I/O ports and -48V DC power supply. It retails at $535.
  • ACM5004-2-T: Designed for use in utility networks, the T comes with extended temperature range with an operating temperature of -35C to 74C, four serial ports software selectable RS232/422/485 with digital I/O ports, external AC power supply. It retails at $575.
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