Opengear Enhances Offerings for Out-of-Band Remote Infrastructure Management

 Opengear (, Today at Cisco Live, Cisco’s annual IT and communications conference, Opengear, a leading provider of secure, next generation console server and remote infrastructure management solutions, announced greater support for Cisco networks and enhanced security and management features. Remote infrastructure management provides an out-of-band, independent, resilient access path to troubleshoot remote networks during infrastructure outages, ensuring uptime and business continuity for enterprises. Today’s announcements include best-of-breed cryptographic methods to secure authentication; support for USB console ports on Cisco devices; RANCID configuration monitoring; and support for redundant management platform connections, proving greater resiliency and protection. 

“Opengear is continually investing in the product line to ensure customers have the best features and functionality for their remote infrastructure management needs,” said John Bedrick, CMO and VP of Product Management for Opengear. “The features announced today address one of IT departments’ key concerns, security, as well as greater support for Cisco networks with USB ports, RANCID support, and management platform enhancements.” 

Opengear’s new product announcements include: 

  • Connectivity Enhancements Support for Cisco USB console ports: Opengear’s infrastructure management devices now support direct connections to USB console ports on Cisco devices, in addition to traditional RS-232 serial console port connections. Over time, Opengear expect to see USB console ports replace serial ports in many classes of Cisco and other networking equipment. Some of the expected benefits for the USB console support include:
  • Network administrators can now control any Cisco device by sending IOS commands through the USB console port remotely using any browser via an Opengear device using the built-in AJAX terminal support.
  • The power of Opengear’s Automated Remote Management and Support (ARMS) can now be used to monitor messages from USB console ports and take rule book actions.
  • Remote infrastructure management just became plug-and-play (no swapping cables, no serial port configurations at remote sites).

RANCID configuration monitor support 

RANCID (Really Awesome New Cisco config Differ): RANCID is an open software application used by NOC operators to monitor the hardware and software configuration of network devices and provide notification and tracking of changes. Opengear has implemented support for RANCID so that it can be used to monitor Opengear devices. An Opengear device can also be used as an access concentrator to enable RANCID monitoring of connected devices, such as Cisco routers. This provides the ability to monitor configurations via an out-of-band connection and diagnose issues even when primary network connectivity has been lost – exactly when it is most needed. 

WAN Security Enhancements

  • Secure SSH key-based authentication: The Opengear graphical user interface (GUI) now supports uploading, or generating public/private key pairs for users. When local authentication is selected, this key pair will be used, instead of a password. This feature provides a much more robust and secure authentication method that is highly resistant to attack.
  • Secure administration control: Administrative users can now have their access enabled/disabled just like regular users. This is especially useful to revoke access for an employee who no longer requires it.
  • Secure configuration reset: A user-defined custom root password can be saved in secure memory so that it is not erased, making the device secure-by-default after a configuration reset. When Opengear devices need to be reset, this feature maintains the user-defined administrator (root) password rather than resetting it to the factory default.
  • Configurable management service ports: The ability to easily change the SSH and HTTPS service ports is a simple step that, in conjunction with key-based authentication, secures WAN-facing management services from brute force attacks.

Management Platform Enhancements (CMS/VCMS)

  • Support for redundant management platform connections: Opengear infrastructure management devices can now connect to dual VCMS or CMS management platforms to meet a higher level of availability. This feature allows for two simultaneous connections (primary and secondary) between the Opengear management platforms (VCMS or CMS) and their managed Opengear devices. This new level of redundancy ensures that should one management platform become unreachable, the managed Opengear devices will still be available via the other management platform.
  • VCMS licensing: Licensing for VCMS now includes the ability to deploy a redundant VCMS system at no extra charge. Opengear customers who purchase or have purchased VCMS can now deploy a second VCMS for redundancy purposes only at no extra charge. CMS customers also have access to the redundancy feature; however, the customers must purchase a second CMS platform or run a VCMS instance.

Visit Opengear booth #2429 at Cisco Live to see live demonstrations of Opengear’s line of remote infrastructure management products and see demonstrations of these new features. 

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