Opengear Expands Secure Remote Monitoring and Management Gateway Line

Opengear (, provider of next generation console server and remote management solutions today announced the launch of its next-generation, customizable remote monitoring and management (RMM) gateway product family, the Opengear ACM5500. Opengear makes it easy for MSPs (Managed Service Providers) to remotely monitor and manage their customers’ network infrastructure, whether on the road, in an office, or at another customer site. Customized alert thresholds proactively track device status, and can fix problems before a customer is even aware of them, or before they become a crisis.

Until now, tools to help monitor and manage a variety of application software and both network and environmental devices have been complex and expensive. With Opengear’s dedicated secure hardware agent, MSPs have visibility into and the ability to monitor and control customers’ network infrastructure devices even behind a firewall – easily and affordably. Based on open standards, the Opengear ACM5500 product family complements the tools currently used to manage customers’ IT environments (i.e., Cisco, Juniper, Avaya, F5, etc.), so there is no ‘rip and replace’. 

Opengear expands RMM for network/IT devices (both SNMP-based and non-SNMP based), environmental devices and software applications (e.g., Microsoft Exchange Server, etc.). The ACM5500 provides serial console-port connectivity, environmental monitoring, power management and monitoring and remote site storage of offline logs and running configuration files. The ACM5500 family also includes environmental sensors, local 4GB storage, internal v.92 and cellular modems that enable out-of-band access, auto response, power management and security. With the Opengear ACM5500 family of RMM gateways, secure in-band and out-of-band access to remote sites is available from anywhere in the world, thereby providing better control and visibility into a network and its physical environment. 

Secure, Out-of-band RMM Gateways for MSPs

Opengear has seen incredible growth over the past few years from MSPs who use Opengear remote management gateways to manage multiple remote sites. Opengear provides out-of-band and cellular connectivity to enable remote management of equipment including servers, routers, switches, firewalls, telephony equipment, UPS and remote power management solutions – even when the network is offline. Additionally, the ability to monitor various environmental conditions like vibration, water, temperature, humidity, door opening, pressure sensors, IP surveillance cameras, and send notifications of status or alerts provides MSPs with a complete solution all in one small product. 

Benefits of Opengear’s ACM5500 include:

  • Additional connectivity: building on the success of the ACM5000, Opengear adds flexibility by adding additional Ethernet, USB and serial port connections.
  • Reduces outages due to device mis-configurations, frozen/bricked routers/switches, equipment overheating, etc.
  • Makes any device manageable whether Ethernet, RS-232/422/485, USB or digital I/O connected.
  • Fully scalable – up to thousands of units are accessible by CMS/VCMS (cloud) with Call Home, so no CPE network reconfiguration is needed.
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) configurations: the ACM5500 can get power directly from Ethernet cabling, thereby simplifying installation.
  • Dual SIM cellular support: dual SIMs offers redundant cellular connections and improved continuous cellular connections.
  • Extensible via open standards – Linux, SNMP, NUT, nagios, scripts
  • Out-of-band via network failover redundancy using dial-up modems, 3G/4G cellular or alternate Ethernet broadband.
  • The ACM5500 product family is available in both commercial and hardened versions (for use in more industrial applications and environments).
  • Support for 3G now, with support for 4G (LTE) coming in Q2.

“With Opengear’s secure RMM gateways, you can monitor and manage a variety of software applications, as well as network and environmental devices ultimately resulting in a more secure and available network to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers”, said John Bedrick, CMO and vice president of product management for Opengear. “By having easily deployable hardware agents that can be integrated into a common cloud-based operational management and control system, MSPs have the luxury of increasing their profits and boosting customer satisfaction.” 

Opengear will be displaying the entire Opengear product line, including the new ACM5500, at booth 831 of ITEXPO in the Miami Beach Convention Center January 29 through February 3, 2012.

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