Opengear Extends Console Server Product Line to Include Comprehensive Power and Environmental Management

Opengear (, a leading provider of next generation out-of-band management solutions, today announced the expansion of its product line making Opengear the first console server on the market to offer a new range of power management software for managing power distribution units in data center racks. Opengear also announced the Opengear EMD 5000, a new environmental management solution. 

“The increasing power demands of today’s higher-density computing environments have created a need for a new generation of power management solutions,” said Bob Waldie, founder and CEO of Opengear. “Opengear console servers leverage the best open source software to offer customers a choice in how they remotely manage all the infrastructure – including power control devices and distributed power controls – in data centers, colocations and remote branch offices.” 

The new power management software for the Opengear line of console servers helps system administrators and facilities managers improve uptime and efficiency so they can save power and money as they move towards green computing. 

The software is based on the open source PowerMan software, a mature open source tool developed through Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to manage remote power control devices (PDUs and IPMI devices) from a central location. Opengear has added a front end GUI to make management easy through Opengear’s management console. 

The new power management software is shipping in Version 2.6 firmware, current Opengear customers can upgrade their existing products from the website at no additional charge. 

Opengear’s complete line of power management products can be found at

The latest versions of the open source PowerMan are available at and for more information on PowerMan, go to

Launch of EMD5000

Along with the expansion of power management controls, Opengear is also launching the Opengear Environmental Monitor Device (EMD 5000), a new environmental monitoring solution to provide IT and facilities managers with around-the-clock monitoring of environmental conditions at the rack level 

The EMD 5000 protects critical data center assets from heat, humidity, smoke, Water leaks, cabinet intrusion and other environmental conditions by arming the facilities manager with extensive logging and alert facilities. 

Facility managers can view the ambient temperature and humidity of the remote environment and set the EMD to automatically send alarms progressively from warning levels to critical alerts. The EMD also monitors the status of two external dry contacts that can be connected to a smoke detector, water detector, vibration or open-door sensor. 

The EMD5000 environmental sensors are currently available in North America. List prices start at $195. More information on these products is available at 

Opengear Continues To Expand Choices for End Users 

Earlier this year, Opengear partnered with Eaton to deliver secure, distributed power management with Network UPS Tools (NUT). This partnership made Opengear the only infrastructure management vendor to harness the power of open source solutions – offering embedded open source PDU, UPS and IPMI managed power devices from Eaton, TrippLite, Baytech and dozens of other vendors. Opengear continually adds value to their product lines and increases their customers’ ROI as part of their commitment to high-quality, low-cost IT solutions.

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