Opengear Industrial ACM5000 Remotely Manages Telco Base Stations, Aquaculture Farms, Gas Pipelines and NBN Sites

Opengear ( today announced the ACM5000-I/T family of industrial device servers, designed specifically for monitoring and controlling the infrastructure in remote harsh locations. 

The company has been successfully managing network, communications and power infrastructure in datacenters and commercial sites with over 50,000 critical devices worldwide currently being monitored and maintained by their appliances. However Opengear sees even more exciting growth with their ACM5000 in the new industrial smart device and M2M markets. 

“Our engineering team in Brisbane has produced an exciting solution that is getting a great reception from customers” said Bob Waldie, chairman and CEO of Opengear. “We demonstrated the new ACM5000 models last week at the Cisco Live conference in Las Vegas and came away with a wealth of hot sales opportunities in telecommunications, transportation, oil and gas and health.” 

The ACM5000 is installed inside the technical equipment room or wiring closet at the remote site where it monitors networked equipment, environmental conditions, the power supply, physical security, digital inputs, wireless signal strengths, battery status and more. It raises alarms when issues arise and sends out email, SMS and SNMP alerts. 

The ACM5000 solution then provides “out-of-band” access to all this equipment over broadband, cellular 3G, dialup or satellite. So critical equipment at the remote stations can still be controlled even when the main communications network is down and the site becomes unreachable. The equipment can be reconfigured or power cycled remotely. Service disruption is minimized and the business avoids costly site visits. 

“Essentially we provide the site manager with the remote eyes and hands. Mining companies can use the ACM5000 to access remote sites and control communication rooms. Electricity utilities to manage their pole-top and substation networks. Oil and gas companies to monitor and control their pumping stations. Telcos to monitor their base transceiver stations. Our vision is to have ACM5000s installed in all these remote locations throughout Australia.” Bob Waldie said. 

“The ACM5000 has also been hardened for high temperature and harsh environments so it’s particularly suited to such locations in the Australian geography. Our customers also demand that their assets can endure cyber abuse as well as physical abuse. So the ACM5000 incorporates strong authentication, encryption and authorization Utilities that meet the most demanding high security applications.” 

Opengear is offering three industrial models of the ACM5000 all with 4 serial ports software selectable RS-232/422/485, 2 10/100 Ethernet ports, 2 USB ports and 4 digital I/O ports: 

ACM5004-2-I base model has an external AC power supply and retails at $625 (AUD including GST)

ACM5004-2-I-SDC model with a 48V DC power supply for telecommunications retails at $705 (AUD)

ACM5004-2-I-T supports an extended temperature range of -35 C to 74C and retails at $755 (AUD)

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