Opengear Infrastructure Management Products are Right at Home on Campus

Opengear, a quality supplier of console server and remote management solutions, today launched the Opengear Campus Partner Program, which provides universities and colleges throughout North America with a 40% discount on all Opengear management products. 

Our console server and management gateway products have been extremely popular with university campuses, said Bob Waldie, CEO of Opengear. Opengear offers them a selection of simple and cost-effective management tools that are equally powerful and reliable. Opengear’s infrastructure management products are a natural fit for highly informed system administrators responsible for managing very complex infrastructures. 

The goal of the Opengear Campus Partner Program is to support campus managers with an affordable solution that provides the best tools available to control their diverse data, voice and communications operations. Colleges and universities across the United States like the University of Utah are already benefiting from the use of Opengear’s management products. 

Opengear products have delivered the features we need in a solid reliable product, said John Weeks, Systems Administrator at the College of Natural Resources Dean’s Office at the Utah State University. In a cost-conscious environment Opengear allowed us to connect a more complete range of systems than we had originally specified at a cost well below the competition. 

Weeks continued, Competitive vendors no longer provide base-model configurations to meet our needs, jacking up their prices with features that are not required in our environment. Opengear’s sales and support staff listened to our needs and provided us with a solution placing the needs of the customer first. The competition continued to shout about features we didn’t need as justification for increased costs that their original customers never asked for and in fact most of the features we didn’t even want. Having utilized numerous competing systems including Cyclades and Avocent the cost/feature benefits of Opengear’s solutions and their pleasant staff made our decision effortless. The continued reliability and functionality of Opengear’s systems have meant that I can unquestionably recommend their systems to others. 

Opengear’s products have allowed us to take remote control over a variety of systems including Solaris, Linux, and numerous Disk Arrays ensuring that we can provide secure, rapid, and effortless response even from offsite locations while in training, and at conferences. The ability to resolve critical emergencies while on vacation quickly and easily meant that we could get back to enjoying our vacation with confidence that issues have been resolved completely and expeditiously. Adding additional systems and reconfiguring the console server is incredibly easy to accomplish even by our most junior staff. 

The Opengear campus program offers all campuses a 40% discount off the product list price. For $895 a campus partner can purchase a CM4148 rack mounted console server that will manage 48 serially-attached and even more network-attached equipment. The CM4148 provides local and remote in-band and out-of-band management of servers, storage arrays, VoIP systems, power strips, routers and firewalls.

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