Opengear Launches Console Server Solution Packs for ROBO Infrastructure Management

Opengear (, a leading provider of next generation console server, power management and KVM over IP solutions, today announced new pre-configured remote office/branch office (ROBO) solution packs designed for rapid, inexpensive deployment of out-of-band access and monitoring for ROBO networks. 

The core of the ROBO solution is the Opengear IM4004-5 console management gateway. The solution packs enable the console management gateway to provide secure access monitoring and management of servers, network gear, power and environmental through the one device. The solution packs are pre-configured making installation plug-n-play.

By offering the flexibility of plug-in PC Card Modems, Wireless Adapters, network or serial attached IP-KVM1001, IP Power 9258 and an EMD5000 Environmental Monitoring Device, ROBO deployments are fast, low cost and hassle free.

The new web console now provides a dashboard that gives a user the additional flexibility of a customized landing page to view at a glance, the statistics they consider to be vital to their networking environment such as temperature, humidity, serial port activity or UPS status.

“These solution packs are designed for network managers who need a quick, inexpensive deployment of a branch office connectivity solution,” said Bob Waldie, Opengear CEO. “This is a perfect solution for Managed Service Providers who need proven tools that can be quickly installed to manage and monitor hundreds of remote locations down to the hardware and environment from a simple dashboard view.” 

The full range of solution packs can be found on the product ordering page for the IM4004-5 on 

About the IM4004-5 Branch Office Management Gateway

The IM4004-5 offers advanced software features to go beyond the requirements of the most demanding applications. Features include Network UPS Tools for UPS monitoring, PowerMan for integrated PDU and RPS functions with in session hotkey support, pattern match alerting, open access to the shell for scripting, hearbeat monitor with automatic failover, built in VLAN switch and much more. 

The IM4004-5 is extensible, simply add IP-KVM devices one at a time to meet your site requirements. Plug in an Opengear EMD5000 to monitor remote site Temperature, Humidity, Door Contact, Vibration, Water Leak Detection, Smoke & Fire. Configure the IM4004-5 to manage your remote site UPS systems and stay informed, perform graceful server shutdowns, monitor battery life and power shed devices during outages.

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