Opengear Launches Virtual Central Management System

Opengear ( a leading provider of next-generation console server and remote management solutions, today announced the launch of the Virtual CMS Central Management Appliance (VCMS) and also significant upgrades to the CMS6100 Central Management Appliance. Opengear CMS provides centralized management of thousands of racks or remote sites through one secure appliance. 

Opengear’s CMS6100 and VCMS has NAGIOS at its core and it gives service providers, enterprises and SMEs flexible, centralized control of data center servers, network devices and power; and branch offices and remote sites where trained operators are unavailable. 

The Opengear central management solution:

  • is now available both in rack mounted (CMS6100) and virtual (VCMS) versions.
  • enables remote gear, including equipment without public IP addresses (such as gear behind firewalls or on private or cellar networks) to establish secure SSH tunnels to the Opengear CMS.
  • offers centralized dashboards to extend the reach of IT experts, reducing on-site service calls. Users can maximize service levels by monitoring, diagnosing and resolving infrastructure problems from anywhere at anytime.

“The new Opengear CMS6100 and VCMS identify and resolve IT infrastructure problems before they affect critical business issues,” said Bob Walide, chairman and CEO of Opengear.

“Most central management solutions are geared towards managed IT and network assets or vertical applications. Opengear’s CMS products can provide centralized management of a wide range of distributed equipment including servers, network devices, power devices, environmental devices, sensors and industrial controllers. With Opengear CMS, administrators can view the state of and manage disparate assets all from a single screen.” 

Launch of the VCMS
The Opengear Virtual CMS (VCMS) is a centralized management appliance that easily loads into VMware or Linux KVM hosts. The Opengear VCMS appliance can be deployed in a cloud hosting service or in a managed server in minutes and provides flexible, centralized control of data center servers, network devices and power, and facilitates the remote management of branch offices and sites where trained operators may be unavailable. 

The Opengear VCMS starts at $895 for a 1 year software license. 

[NOTE: The Opengear VCMS has been upgraded and replaced by Opengear Lighthouse. More information can be found here:]

Call-Home Functionality
Opengear’s new Call-Home functionality, built into the new CMS6100 and VCMS product lines, enables remote sites without public IP addresses to establish secure SSH tunnels to the Opengear CMS. This means remote sites, even when behind firewalls or on private or cellar networks, can be monitored by, and accessed through, the central Opengear CMS.

The Call-Home feature, coupled with Opengear devices at each remote site, provides MSPs with a perfect platform that centrally manages servers, network, communications, power and environmental gear for SMB/SME customers. 

Who Benefits from Opengear CMS 
Opengear’s CMS is a much more flexible central management solution for a wide range of applications including:

  • IT Systems – Network Infrastructure (Server, Storage, Routers, Switches, Firewalls, PBXs)
  • Building Automation (HVAC, Fire Safety, Lighting, Access Control, Power)
  • Industrial (Process Control, Industrial Automation, Remote Control, Telemetry, M2M)
  • Energy (Meters, UPS, Batteries, Solar, Windmills, Generators, Transformers, Fuel Cells)
  • Retail (POS Terminals, Cash Registers, Vending Machines, ATMs)
  • Transportation (Ships, Vehicles, Tolls, Road Signage)
  • Healthcare (Medical Equipment, Telemedicine, Monitors, PDAs)
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