Opengear Makes Remote Power Management Affordable

December 6, 2013

Opengear (, a leading provider of next generation console server and KVM over IP solutions, today announced new power product features and software enhancements that enable organizations to cost effectively manage the power in all their remote locations from a centralized Opengear console server window. The new features give Opengear console servers the ability to centrally manage PDU and UPS systems in small to large distributed networks.

“Opengear is at the forefront of bringing remote power management solutions to the console server market,” said Bob Waldie, founder and CEO of Opengear. “Our customers benefit from a platform that can manage more than just routers, switches, firewalls and servers to managing PDU and UPS systems from 75 vendors. Our customers realize how easy, useful and powerful it is to monitor and manage all of their devices in the data center and branch office.”

Opengear console servers can now monitor hundreds of remote sites and all the distributed serial, USB and network attached PDU and UPS systems on site. A wide range of power devices, including products from APC, Servertech, Eaton, Tripp Lite, Baytech and many others, can be centrally monitored from one console server window. A network manager of a large retail chain, financial institution or hospital system can now centrally monitor the status of the power at all the remote outlets and centralize alarms to set up automatic shut-downs to be triggered in the event of battery back-up outages.

“Our goal is to make comprehensive remote monitoring and control of power, affordable for schools and university campuses, point of sale installations, information kiosks and large enterprises with many remote branch offices,” said Bob Waldie. “With the inclusion of power management capabilities in our one, two and four port console servers and gateways, we have made them ideal for small branch offices. In addition, we are introducing ‘small office’ IM4004-5 bundles that include 802.11n wireless adapters and environmental monitoring modules.”

Opengear console servers are installed in more than 10,000 locations around the world. Opengear offers free software downloads for the life of the product therefore the software enhancements are available to all current customers with console servers already installed and new customers looking for a way to manage power in multiple locations. 

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