Opengear Offers Secure Hands-On Training Capability for Remote Students in Network Training Laboratories World Wide

Opengear (, provider of next generation console server and remote management solutions, announced it will offer a 50% discount to qualified Cisco training centers around the world for the Opengear IM4200, CM4000 and ACM5000. 

“IT labs and training facilities leverage Opengear open source console servers and smart cellular routers to bring secure hands-on experiences to remote students,” said Todd Rychecky, vice president of sales and marketing, Opengear North America. “For the Cisco training community, this means Opengear can be a trusted partner, as Opengear is both a Cisco channel partner and the Opengear ACM5000 is registered in the Cisco Developer Network.” 

Opengear offers benefits to network training laboratories as well as many other data center and edge computing environments: Labs can offer remote access to students from anywhere in the world for online teaching or public network laboratories.

  • Separation of management and operating LANs.
  • An open platform and free CDK for advanced networking projects.
  • A range of units to suit any sized install, including small form-factor units suitable for portable network racks.
  • Access to units that can be integrated with existing user authentication services (such as institute or university RADIUS services).

Training and network labs around the world that already use Opengear include:

  • PacketLife Community Network Lab. PacketLife wrote this product review of the Opengear CM4116 (
  • Box Hill Institute – Super Cisco Academy Training Centre. This is the only Super Cisco ATC in the Asia Pacific region. The Box Hill Institute uses the Opengear CM4148.
  • Queensland University of Technology – Cisco Academy. QUT also uses the Opengear CM4148.
  • University of South Australia – Cisco Networking Academy & Reconfigurable Computing Laboratory. This lab uses the Opengear IM4216-2-DAC-X2 and the Opengear ACM5004

“There is no substitute for learning about IT on real equipment. Opengear allows our remote students to log into our actual lab equipment using SSH and PuTTY to undertake training and tests,” said Grant Wigley, director of University of South Australia, Cisco Networking Academy. “Opengear also gives the students in our labs the ability to see the effect of their commands on the various devices in their network and allows groups of students to see what each other is doing on those devices.”

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