Opengear Opens New Doors for Secure Remote Power Control

December 4, 2013

Opengear, a supplier of quality console server and remote management solutions, today released a new line of IP Power solutions with web browser control of AC power outlets. The IP Power 9258 strip has merged with Opengear’s award winning CM4000 and IM4200 gateways to enable system administrators, network managers and help desks to securely monitor and control all their servers, PCs, routers, switches and devices. Servers at distant branch offices and remote customer sites can be securely power cycled, while the out-of-band control allows firewalls and network infrastructure at these sites to be reconfigured and rebooted remotely.

“We recently added IPMI power management and support for third party management tools like Dell’s Open Manage so site managers can leverage our gateways to control the new generation of embedded power devices,” said Bob Waldie, CEO Opengear. “Today, we can control an array of the popular third power devices that are used in larger sites. Still, there clearly is a need for secure entry level solutions for managing the infrastructure in smaller branch offices. To bridge this gap we released two aggressively priced applications, the IP Power 9258 and a robust IP Power/CM4001 combo solution.”

Opengear’s infrastructure management gateways support a wide range of third power strips, UPS supplies and embedded power control devices. Serial port controlled power strips can be accessed using their command line console, or the Management Console’s power control tools. Network attached power control devices with browser controls can be securely accessed with Opengear’s Secure Tunneling tool. Servers and appliances with embedded IPMI service processors or BMCs can also be accessed and controlled using the latest Opengear firmware. The IPMI proxy built into all the CM4000 and IM4200 gateways allows administrators to remotely cycle power and reboot servers when their operating system is unresponsive. 

Waldie continued, “Our products are designed to provide the administrator with access to all levels of control when managing remote sites, including the ability to switch the power through to BIOS, operating system and application control. At Opengear we have built-in support for the widest range of power control devices and interfaces. With the IP Power 9258, we can now offer solutions for enterprises with small remote sites, branch offices and large data centers.”

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