Opengear Quad-Band GSM/UMTS/HSPA Cellular Appliance Gains PTCRB Certification

Opengear ( a leading provider of next-generation console server and remote management solutions, today announced it has recently been awarded PTCRB (PTS Type Certification Review Board) certification for the Cellular GSM model of its leading ACM5000 management appliance family. 

The PTCRB certification is mandated by network operators for marketing GSM-based cellular products in the Americas and many European countries. PTCRB is a global organization providing an independent evaluation process for GSM/UMTS Certification. 

The cellular ACM5004-G supports all GSM networks including GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA and HSPA across the widest range of frequency bands – 800/900/1800/1900/2100 MHz. 

“With the certification, Opengear is the first vendor to deliver a truly global cellular 3.5G wireless multifunction appliance,” said Bob Waldie, founder and CEO of Opengear. “U.S. enterprise can deploy the same ACM5004-G solution at home and in their overseas sites, eliminating the need for country-specific models.” 

Opengear’s ACM5004-G can be used in a wide range of secure (HTTPS, SSH – FIP140-2) remote monitoring applications to maintain the uptime of servers, routers, switches, power, battery backup and environmental sensors. It has several electrical interfaces allowing it to communicate across Ethernet, RS232, USB, dry contact sensors and digital I/O ports. 

Opengear’s ability to fail-over from wireline to cellular 3G makes it an excellent out-of-band recovery appliance when main Internet connections are down and critical assets are disconnected. 

The ACM5004-G is also very capable in securely tunnelling critical data from remote devices (serial, USB or Digital I/O) for M2M applications in a wide range of industries such as energy, financial, point of sale, vending, gaming and so on. 

The ACM5004-G with its PTCRB certification gives solution providers an easy and secure entry into global cellular markets for remote infrastructure management, M2M and VPN router applications. At $675 the Opengear ACM5004-G is great value and boasts a wide feature set sometimes replacing up to three different devices and also eliminates different SKUs for different bands and countries.

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