Opengear Reduces Australian Prices by 30%

Opengear today announced they have reduced the list price of all their console server and other management products in Australia by between 15% and 42%.

“At Opengear over eighty percent of our sales are made to customers in USA Europe and Asia markets, where ICT prices largely are set in US dollars. So globally our prices have not moved.” said Bob Waldie, founder and chairman of Opengear. “However the Australian dollar ramped over 2009 and clearly our economic outlook is strong. So we reset our Australian price book with a more bullish outlook at a 90 cent plus rate.”

The Australian dollar averaged 66.3 US cents during the first quarter of 2009. However the dollar strengthened over the year and the average exchange rate for the last quarter was 91 US cents.

Like all globally competitive ICT companies, Opengear manufactures offshore where costs are have remained firm in US dollars. So they believe Australian customers should be enjoying similar price reductions from other ICT hardware product suppliers.

“At Opengear we undertake all of our R&D in Australia and appreciate that our strong Aussie dollar is making life hard for all our exporters – be they farmers or software developers.” Waldie said. “It is essential that small, medium and large enterprises as well as government take full advantage of the strong dollar for ICT.”

Opengear also reported they had a profitable growth year in 2009 with revenues doubling.

“We anticipate continued growth in 2010, particularly in the global markets” Waldie said. “These uncertain economic times present great opportunities for innovative companies like Opengear. Businesses and governments are finding new more efficient solutions for old problems, and actively seeking new partners to improve their operations.”

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