Opengear Releases Universal Power Management Platforms

Opengear (, a leading provider of next generation console server solutions, today announced that it has integrated the latest version of open source power management solution Network UPS Tools (NUT), and added enhanced power monitoring functionality to their line of open source console servers. 

“As power costs and power density increase in data centers, it becomes essential to closely monitor and manage all your power infrastructure,” said Bob Waldie, founder and CEO of Opengear. “By integrating these latest open source power tools we deliver the only truly vendor-agnostic power management solution available today. Our customers can now monitor and control over 1,000 different UPS and PDU products from over 100 vendors, all through one window.” 

The suite of power management tools embedded in Opengear’s console servers are built on NUT, an extremely powerful and versatile collection of programs for monitoring and administering UPS hardware, which recently expanded to manage PDU systems with this release. NUT now supports PDU devices, either natively using SNMP or through a binding to Powerman, an open source project with Livermore Labs, to control serial and SNMP-connected PDU systems. These trusted open source projects are integrated in Opengear’s console server solutions and deployed in major enterprise data centers around the world.

In addition, Opengear’s console server line now provides enhanced reporting and monitoring of all the UPS and PDU systems in a data center and consolidates information about their environmental condition and consumption data into one easy to read interface. Opengear’s console server solution and vendor-neutral approach to open source collaboration, provides data center managers an appliance to access and manage everything in the rack including power devices, network equipment and environmental monitoring conveniently through a single user interface either in-band or out-of-band which will save every company using the solution time, energy and money.

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