Opengear Remote Infrastructure Management Solutions Launches in the UK

Opengear (, a leading provider of remote infrastructure management solutions, has launched its award winning range of console servers, device servers and cellular routers into the UK market. Opengear is a pioneer in open source management appliances and cloud services that simplify control of complex distributed systems and networks. By supporting open source Linux and open standards, Opengear helps its clients reduce costs and increase interoperability by providing a fully integrated turnkey solution, while remaining user customisable to solve the most challenging issues. 

Opengear has opened a new office in Slough and has appointed Robert Waldie, VP Business Development, to help the firm expand its operations in the UK and Western Europe. Opengear has strengthened its market reach through an enhanced agreement with distributor S-Connect Limited, a member of the Sphinx Group that will distribute the full portfolio of products across Europe. 

Opengear has also reaffirmed its partnership with Entrix Computing Limited, to deliver solutions for IT network and security appliance management in the UK. Opengear will soon be announcing a new partner program encompassing data centre, remote site, automation and wireless M2M segments, to support its wider focus on Europe. 

“Our open source platforms give network managers the virtual hands to securely monitor, access and control computing equipment and smart devices in remote sites. European nations are being driven to manage their economies more effectively and they are leading the way in smartening up their distributed infrastructure operations,” said Bob Waldie, CEO of Opengear. 

“However, many of the existing remote management solutions are extremely proprietary which allows these vendors to both restrict innovation and increase costs. As the organisations strive to reduce IT spending, demand for our open systems has increased and having a team within the region will help us to support and grow our channel and customers.”

Opengear’s range of remote management appliances are installed in over 20,000 locations across 20 countries. They are deployed to securely manage a wide range of IT, telecommunications, power, environmental, industrial control and sensor devices from vendors such as Cisco, HP, Schneider and Siemens. By utilising open source tools and technologies and eliminating ongoing per-device licensing overheads, Opengear solutions offer a much lower capital invest, that are typically between 25% to 40% lower than comparable proprietary remote management solutions. 

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About Opengear

Opengear delivers secure, resilient access and automation to critical IT infrastructure, even when the network is down. Provisioning, orchestration and remote management of network devices, through innovative software and appliances, enables technical staff to manage their data centers and remote network locations reliably and efficiently. Opengear’s business continuity solutions are trusted by global organizations across financial, digital communications, retail and manufacturing industries. The company is headquartered in New Jersey, with R&D centers in Silicon Valley and Brisbane, Australia. For more information please visit

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