Opengear Removes Fears of Systems Administrators and Network Managers Worldwide

December 4, 2013

Opengear Inc, a quality supplier of console server and remote management solutions, today released two new products its CM4001 console server and it’s SDTConnector at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in Boston, MA. Opengear will have both new products on display in their booth 1139 throughout the April 3-6 Boston Convention & Exhibition Centre event.

The newest addition to Opengear’s CM4000 console server suite, the CM4001 empowers system administrators to monitor and manage the entire IT infrastructure of a small office using a single device for Terminal-based, Windows-based or Web-based access and control. With business moving more and more toward a small distributed office model with one or more servers, switches, firewalls, and desktop and mobile computers, Opengear’s CM4001 fills a critical need. 

How the Opengear CM4001 Works

Typically the CM4001 is installed behind an existing Internet firewall and resides on the remote LAN with the destination systems. Opengear’s Secure Desktop Tunneling feature tunnels access services (RDP, VNC, Telnet and HTTP) over the actual secure remote access protocol, SSH.

The CM4001’s Secure Desktop Tunneling features provide robust authentication and encryption (AES, 3DES) with protection against man-in-the-middle attacks. Each SSH tunnel is terminated by the CM4001 and session traffic for each service is forwarded to the destination systems. The CM4001 also has a local serial port allowing out-of-band dial-up access for analog or ISDN lines if the primary Internet connection is down. 

Using an additional serial port, the Opengear CM4001 can access serial consoles on Linux, UNIX and Windows (EMS) servers. In addition, systems administrators can now access consoles for a variety of power switches and routers, and control these systems and devices. All data that is transferred across the serial connection can be logged and analysed for patterns and trigger e-mail alerts or SNMP traps to warn administrators in advance of a potentially critical problem. 

The CM4001 also helps solution providers in supporting their smaller customers’ applications and provides IT departments with a secure help desk tool for small branch offices. Finally, the CM4001 also offers mobile users secure remote access and file transfer to desktop applications through Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP) or the open source tool VNC. 

To reduce the complexity of connection configuration the CM4001 ships with its new connector wizard program, SDTConnector for Windows and other Java platforms. The SDTConnector sets up secure tunnels, destination systems and access services and when configured, the user is only able access to those services across each tunnel and nothing else on the destination network. The SDTConnector automatically launches the RDP, VNC, Telnet and HTTP with up to ten tunnels which can be configured to support all services. Sessions to multiple destination computers or devices are also supported enabling systems administrators and solution providers to institute simple access policies that ensure the highest level of privacy. 

Opengear’s new CM4001 extends the company’s CM4000 console server line delivering solutions for remote management of up to 50 devices from a single unit and up to 200 devices in a clustered arrangement for large data centres. With its recent addition of Secure Desktop Tunneling, Opengear provides the only solutions that truly unify remote management of desktop computers, servers, routers, network switches, power switches and many other legacy devices using standard tools such as RDP, VNC, Telnet or HTTP. 

“In any data centre it is critical for all management tools to accurately perform their system management task,” said Bob Waldie, Chairman and CEO of Opengear. “However, in distributed environments with distributed mission critical systems and networks, it is also essential that all management tools perform a myriad of functions flawlessly. Smaller offices can’t afford the cost and complexity of managing an array of single function solutions such as console servers, KVM/IP gateways or SSL VPNs. Opengear’s CM4001 console servers are the first step in unifying remote management into a single quality solution.” 

Pricing for the Opengear CM4001 started at USD $295. 

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