Opengear’s High Availability Integrated Infrastructure Management Gateways Extend Beyond Digi’s Passport and Avocent’s Merge Point Applications

Opengear, a quality supplier of console server and remote management solutions, today released the first two products in its new generation of Infrastructure Management gateways at the LinuxWorld Conference & Exposition in San Francisco. A finalist for a Linux Journal Product Excellence Award in the “Best System Management Tools” category to be awarded at the event, Opengear will display its new IM4200 product family in their booth #1812. Opengear now offers a powerful gateway for managing data centers; combining console management, service processor management, power control, network device management and central site management all in a single box. 

“Our IM gateways provide a uniquely integrated management portal for controlling all the computers, firewalls, routers, switches, service processors, VoIP servers, power strips and UPS in the data center,” said Bob Waldie, CEO of Opengear. “The IM4200 gateway provides single point secure access to hundreds of network-attached and serially-attached devices within the enterprise data center, high performance computing clusters and grid computing systems.”

Waldie continued, “We created the IM family in direct response to requests from our partners for simple reliable gateways to securely access their infrastructure. IM gateway was designed to provide a single point of secure access for all the managers, and for all their tools, protocols and management applications. Opengear IM gateways extend way beyond other management offerings like Digi International’s Passport and Avocent’s MergePoint, and IM is the only 360-degree solution. The IM gateway can be accessed in-band by the local or remote manager using the public data network or a private IP network. Each gateway also has two Ethernet ports and an inbuilt modem. If the in-band operational network is down, the gateway can still be accessed out-of-band using an alternate broadband route or a dial-in PPP. In addition, each gateway has dual feed power supplies so they can be powered from two sources. The design goal with IM was for reliability and high availability to be built in, not optional.”

The IM gateway enables in-band graphical control tools like X11, RDP and VNC to control applications and reconfigure operating systems; and HTPP and HTTPS to reconfigure firewalls. These tools are all available over out-of-band channels. The IM4200 gateway also supports IPMI and SOL (Serial over LAN) and the lights-out management tools that accompany BMC and service processors, including iLO, RSA, ALOM, DRAC. These are standard in today’s servers and enable monitoring, logging, recovery, inventory, and control of the hardware, BIOS, OS and applications independent of the state of the main CPU, network and OS. The BIOS can be reconfigured remotely, and the system can be rebooted remotely using side-band or out-of-band channels even when the CPU is off-line. These out-of-band channels also provide full KVM graphical control even when the in-band network access is down. 

All the IM communications are secure, with authenticated access using up to 128-bit AES encryption, and a selection of filtering and logging facilities, said Bob Waldie. The IM family has been designed to reduce the risk in data center management by minimizing downtime and enabling quick recovery. Extensive transaction logs, event traps, off site storage and alerts are provided to enable enterprise policy and regulatory compliance. Each unit also has 500MB of local flash memory for custom scripts and custom logs, alarm setting and alert trigger events and file storage. 

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