Opengear’s New KCS6000 IP Enables Legacy KVM Devices in the Data Center

December 6, 2013

Opengear a leading provider of next generation out-of-band management solutions, today announced the release of its KCS6000 KVM gateway console server. The KCS enables administrators to use their existing KVM and LCD console equipment to control all the equipment in the racks – serial, USB, network devices, as well as legacy KVM computers.

“Currently there is an investment of more than $3 billion in KVM infrastructure devices at datacenters and enterprise computer rooms worldwide,” said Bob Waldie, CEO of Opengear. “In a market where space is king and more companies are moving to blade servers and virtual machines, useless devices are anything but welcome. With the new KCS6000, companies do not have to spend money replacing old units, instead they can extend the life of their investment.” 

The KCS6000 thin client enables administrators to locally manage computers at the system level (BIOS, service processor, IPMI); operating level (VMWare, Windows, Linux, Solaris); right up to the applications layers (RDP, VNC, browser and ICA/Citrix clients). The KCS gives an administrator the ability to control headless infrastructure using the USB control ports, serial consoles, management network ports and rich embedded management clients. 

The KCS6000 empowers users’ existing KVM equipment to now run a Firefox browser with Java applets in an embedded SUN JRE, to locally connect to VMWare servers, Cisco routers or IBM-RSA/ Dell-DRAC/ HP-iLO/SUN-ALOM service processors. Embedded with Network UPS Tools to manage power using the USB or serial control ports on the power supplies, the KCS6000 is also an embedded terminal emulator, connecting existing KVM gear to legacy serial console devices. 

Local operations can also be monitored remotely and securely using AAA secure with local logging and alert capabilities. 

Opengear’s SDT for Nagios – LinuxWorld Award Finalist

In addition to the KCS6000, Opengear will be showcasing its recently announced SDT for Nagios. Opengear has integrated the popular Nagios central management tool with its Linux-based console servers. Rather than developing proprietary management solutions, Opengear has extended its open source SDTConnector management client to embrace the open source Nagios. SDT for Nagios is also a LinuxWorld award finalist for ‘Best Systems Management Tool.’ 

Nagios provides centralized monitoring of all the computers, software and network services in complex and geographically dispersed data centers. Opengear’s SDT for Nagios extends this to provide NOC operators and administrators with a single point of access and control for their entire infrastructure. The Opengear console servers also embed Nagios NSCA client and NRPE server software so they can function as distributed Nagios monitoring servers

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