Server Technology and Opengear Announce Remote Access Cellular Solution Designed for Data Centers and Remote Locations.

Server Technology, experts in producing the highest quality rack mount power distribution units and power monitoring solutions, and Opengear, developing smart solutions for critical infrastructure management, today announced a complete remote access cellular solution that includes both power and out-of-band management. The joint solution is ideal for both data centers and remote locations. 

The combined offering integrates control of Server Technology’s Smart power distribution unit (PDU) product line with Opengear’s award winning infrastructure management solutions and allows network administrators out-of-band control of systems connected to and powered by those products. 

“Power is a key element of remote management. Combining Server Technology’s power solutions with cellular out-of-band access from Opengear provides total control of the environment,” commented Rick Stevenson, CEO of Opengear. 

Said Calvin Nicholson, Server Technology’s senior director of software and firmware, “System administrators can not only have complete control over their infrastructure equipment connected to Opengear devices but now are also able to control power utilizing Opengear’s integrated cellular technology. Not only does the solution provide power control directly, the solution is self aware, allowing devices to take action based on a user defined “rule book,” which now includes the option to power cycle individual or all of Server Technology’s Smart PDUs.” 

Samples of common network management challenges resolved by the combined Server Technology and Opengear solutions include:

  • Maintaining complete control with true out-of-band power monitoring and control
  • Easily provisioning, deploying and maintaining remote infrastructure
  • Reducing time to repair with event-triggered log retrievals and simplified messaging
  • Minimizing down time with on-site preventative maintenance and health monitoring
  • Improving infrastructure efficiency with Smart M2M auto response and elevation
  • Reducing power consumption by allowing for an easy way to remotely shutdown devices
  • Ensuring quality of service by escalating alert notifications for protracted outages
  • Simplifying remote control with SMS and web-initiated custom local actions

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About Server Technology

Server Technology’s experts produce the highest quality rack mount power distribution and monitoring solutions that help manage power capacity, reduce downtime and improve energy efficiency. The leading innovator since 1984, Server Technology created the intelligent cabinet PDU market and holds the largest number of patents in that industry. Serving the Data Center and Carrier markets, Server Technology offers the most extensive selection of cabinet PDUs to manage power usage for servers, storage and network equipment. For more information, please visit

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About Opengear

Opengear delivers secure, resilient access and automation to critical IT infrastructure, even when the network is down. Provisioning, orchestration and remote management of network devices, through innovative software and appliances, enables technical staff to manage their data centers and remote network locations reliably and efficiently. Opengear’s business continuity solutions are trusted by global organizations across financial, digital communications, retail and manufacturing industries. The company is headquartered in New Jersey, with R&D centers in Silicon Valley and Brisbane, Australia. For more information please visit

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