SonicWALL Selects Opengear CM4000 for Global Out-Of-Band Management

Opengear ( a leading provider of next generation console server and remote management solutions, today announced that SonicWALL is using the Opengear CM4000 as a part of its infrastructure for out-of-band management. 

SonicWALL develops advanced intelligent network security and data protection solutions that adapt as organizations evolve and as threats evolve. SonicWALL is headquartered in San Jose, California, with global offices in North America, Asia Pacific, EMEA and Latin America. 

“SonicWALL uses the Opengear CM4000 series console server within its R&D infrastructure,” said Jason Saxe, engineering services manager at SonicWALL. “Out-of-band management is a necessity and features like SSH, logging and the ability to script make Opengear a great choice.” 

The Opengear CM4000 is an open source console server that offers out-of-band management solution for serial console ports, servers, virtual servers, service processors, UPS & PDUs, environmental monitoring and more. The CM4000 family of console servers enables system administrators to securely access and control their data centers and networks from anywhere in the world. 

“SonicWALL provides world-class security and data protection solutions and we share a common vision that our global customers should have the ability to remotely access, manage and control their mission critical data applications and network devices,” said Todd Rychecky, vice president of sales and marketing of Opengear North America. “Our console server products provide network engineers reliable out-of-band access when it is critical and unique flexibility with our open source linux software platform.” 

The CM4000 console server can be remotely accessed in-band through Ethernet TCP/IP or out-of-band through an external modem. All connections are secure to remote systems using robust advanced encryption. The CM4000 also provides a selection of filtering and access logging facilities which can be archived off-line. Access can be restricted by IP address, password or account. Administrators can securely control and manage their distributed networks of servers and appliances using the latest in console access. Available in 1, 8, 16 and 48 port models, the CM4000 family of console servers are the perfect fit for in-band or out-of-band access to vital IT assets.

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