NetOps Modules

The Opengear NetOps Automation™ platform builds on the Lighthouse centralized management software, with containerized NetOps Modules to automate specific functions within the IT workflow.

These modules are built as Docker containers and accessed through the Lighthouse GUI, with an open API allowing third parties to also develop modules to be used in the platform. Module licenses can be purchased through your Opengear reseller or the third party module developer.




Secure Provisioning

The Secure Provisioning NetOps module allows you to provision a new network remotely, securely and automatically.

Network turn up no longer requires network engineering staff to perform initial configuration tasks on site – even when there is no existing LAN or WAN in place.

It’s sufficient to have remote hands rack, stack and cable the infrastructure, then the Secure Provisioning module automates the rest of the process.

The Secure Provisioning module leverages the following technologies:

  • Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP): The process by which managed devices in their unconfigured state request and are delivered initial setup resources over the local management network
  • Human-readable YAML: Provides simplified configuration of managed device ZTP configuration parameters
  • Git source control: Managed device resources such as initial configuration files and OS images are automatically stored in a versioned, auditable repository
  • Ansible automation framework: Automatically propagates device resources and configures on-site ZTP services

The Secure Provisioning module combines a centrally orchestrated, vendor-neutral ZTP service with on-site node LAN and WAN connectivity, to automate the provisioning process end to end.

LogZilla – Event Data Management

The LogZilla™ NEO NetOps Module is a Network Event Orchestration platform for unstructured data management, automation, enrichment and analytics. Machine data is collected, stored and processed in real time to analyze, investigate and report on problems or faults identified in the environment.

By continuously collecting syslog event, SNMP traps and security alarms, the LogZilla NetOps module enables organizations to manage network devices, execute analytics and generate real-time alerts. Diagnosis and forensics capabilities enables early detection of performance issues, targeted attacks and data breaches. With massive scale event deduplication and enrichment and automatic incident response capabilities, the solution improves network availability and operational efficiency allowing the IT Operations staff to easily derive clear insights from the millions or even billions of syslog event messages that can occur on a daily basis.

For more information, visit the LogZilla website

Additional Modules

We are still developing new NetOps modules, and also seeking partners to create modules for the ecosystem. If you have an operation or workflow that you would like to see in a module, or would like to talk to us about partnering, please contact us here: