Visibility into Uncontrollable Environmental Conditions

The security of network equipment is only as good as the physical environment it’s deployed in. When a network closet or remote site experiences exposure to water, smoke, heat or humidity, IT admins need to know about it immediately. Delivered through SmartOOB™, IT teams are able to proactively turn systems off when dangerous thresholds are passed, avoiding irreversible damage.

Monitor and receive notifications on the physical environment where critical IT equipment lives — including smoke alarms, heat and humidity sensors, water detectors, closed contact sensors, and even program-automated response actions to extend network security.

Take Control of Your Environment

Opengear monitoring and alerting solutions detect changes in temperature, humidity, smoke, motion and/or the presence of water. View the ambient temperature and humidity of a remote environment and set the device to automatically send progressive alarms if they rise – from warning levels to critical alerts, giving teams the ability to take actions that will help to avoid permanent equipment damage.

Our environmental monitoring products connect to Opengear console servers via DIO ports for remote monitoring using a standard Web browser. Alerts can be sent via email, SMS and SNMP traps. Automated response sequences can be initiated by environmental trigger events, and events are logged for detailed reporting.



  • Monitor temperature, humidity, motion and more
  • Connects to smoke detectors, vibration sensors, water leak detectors and door open/close sensors
  • Displays current status and history in console server web-based UI
  • Supports user-defined thresholds for temperature, humidity, and contact closure status
  • Provides option to maintain local or remote audit logs of temperature, humidity and sensor status
  • Auto-sends alarms on any critical or warning threshold and on contact closure events
  • Supports graceful shutdown of affected equipment with Network UPS Tool control