• Remote troubleshooting and remediation delivers always-on resilient connectivity
  • Intelligence at the network edge minimizes disruption
  • Accessible even during system or network outages
  • Uninterrupted availability for remote networks
  • Flexible, extensible, programmable remote management solution

Immediate access to any Cisco device at any time from anywhere with Smart OOB™

Maintaining a distributed infrastructure requires immediate access to any device on the network at any time from any place in the world. Providing this remote access securely and reliably becomes increasingly complex with the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), M2M and cloud computing. Traditional out-of-band management solutions with basic console access no longer support these critical needs.

Opengear’s Smart OOB™ was architected with Cisco management in mind, to deliver remote troubleshooting and remediation at the edge and minimize disruption. Smart OOB™ raises secure remote access and infrastructure management to a new level. With everything monitored at the edge, including the physical environment, auto response and remediation and Failover to Cellular™, uninterrupted availability for remote networks is ensured, saving time and money.

Cisco Management Diagram

Smart OOB™ was architected with Cisco management in mind

  • Always-on secure management access and control even when the network is down
  • Smart auto-response — detects, alerts and takes immediate action to remedy network issues
  • Built in TFTP server to store IOS images, Cisco configuration files and offline logs
  • Proactively scans serial stream for specific errors or phrases and sends alerts
  • Detect and trigger break into ROMmon for remote provisioning and recovery
  • Integrates with 100s of PDUs for hotkey power cycling from inside the console management session
  • Equipped with Cisco friendly pinout for quick and easy installation — no special cables, no adapters
  • Failover to Cellular™ ensures uninterrupted availability and resilience for remote networks

Opengear’s Cisco management solutions enable companies to assure that Cisco equipment is always available to improve network uptime and increase business continuity.

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