Opengear solutions integrate with the Nagios management system to provide central monitoring and secure, remote management of all the critical IT, communications, network and power infrastructure in your distributed network.

  • Distributed Nagios monitoring agent with build-in NSCA and NRPE server
  • Embedded checks detect serial cable disconnect or managed device power loss
  • Proactive monitoring, detect and alert on console warnings and errors before they become network outages
  • Opengear extends Nagios to monitor cabinet open, water leak, smoke alarm and environmentals
  • Full integration with Auto-Response system with rule-based triggers and escalation of Nagios alerts

Distributed monitoring

Nagios can be configured for distributed monitoring – to offload the overhead of performing all the service checks from the one central monitoring server out to the distributed servers (and when monitoring hundreds or even thousands of hosts this may become quite important). Opengear console servers at remote sites all have the Nagios NSCA client, and the Nagios NRPE server embedded. So they can function as distributed Nagios servers, and perform designated Nagios checks on connected hosts and ports at these remote locations. The Opengear console server can also serve as a local connected distributed server, to provide Nagios with additional points of access for managed devices it might not otherwise be able to monitor.

Automatic NCSA alerts

All Opengear console servers include an auto-response facility which monitors nominated ports, devices and states and probes for alert trigger conditions. In response to an alert trigger, the console server then initiates a sequence of trigger actions (and on resolution it initiates resolve actions). These trigger and resolve actions can be configured so NCSA alert notifications are sent to a central Nagios monitoring server.

Lighthouse Nagios monitor

Opengear’s Lighthouse appliances ensure always-available wired and wireless secure connectivity to the Opengear console servers (and connected devices) distributed at remote sites. In general, Lighthouse will be used in conjunction with the enterprise customer’s existing centralized management system. However for convenience, Lighthouse also includes its own lightweight monitoring capability that is built on Nagios Core. Administrators can simply edit the objects in Nagios’ config files enabling it to monitor, alert and perform event handling on any network service, host resource or environmental factor.

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