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On the Road Again: InteropNet 2014

In late March, I once again traveled to Las Vegas to support the installation the temporary high-speed network that is InteropNet 2014. InteropNet provides high-speed network connectivity to the Interop attendees and exhibitors and supports the Expo floor, Conference sessions and wireless access.

In 2014, Opengear continued its multi-year participation by donating a mixture of IM4216 and IM7216-2 remote management products and support (me) to aid with the configuration, management and monitoring of the multi-vendor network which comprises InteropNet. While the fiber optic production network gets a lot of press, Opengear’s primary role is to provide out of band access via both the Access Ethernet network and 4G LTE links in strategic locations for (more…)

Locked Out of the Back Door

Last week, HP announced that running a Heartbleed vulnerability scan against its iLO and iLO2 lights-out management interfaces found in older blade and rack mount servers, can cause them to completely lock up. Since the iLO itself controls power to the server, the only way to restore management access is to (more…)