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Embedded Cellular vs External Dongles: Don’t Get Left Hanging

Cellular dongles are akin to acoustic coupler modems of the late 1980's. Cellular dongles are akin to acoustic coupler modems from the 1980’s.

Enterprises rely on out-of-band management and wired network fail-over using cellular to deliver up-time and quick recovery in the case of a failure. When choosing between embedded or external dongle-based cellular solutions, one might be tempted by the allure of the low price points of dongles. But this thinking is penny-wise and pound-foolish. Unfortunately, for buyers trying to save money in the short term, external dongles will adversely affect the critical functions of (more…)

Top Three Reasons To Adopt Cellular Out-Of-Band Management Solutions


Earlier this month, I was asked by Data Center Post about using cellular for out-of-band network management. My response identified the three biggest reasons why an IT department should consider using cellular connections instead of traditional modems for their OOB needs. I felt it was important enough to share with our faithful blog readers as well, so here is a brief recap (you can read the full article here):

Ensuring up-time and system availability are key benchmarks for the IT department of just about every organization, and if it isn’t it probably should be. By adopting cellular out-of-band management solutions, organizations can expect to realize these three core benefits: (more…)