Road to Resilience Webinar Series:

Partner Webinar:
Tim Infratech

Dec 10th, at 11:00 AM IST

An Out-of-Band network is no longer just a response for those 3am calls, to get quick access to your network in an outage. From secure Day One deployments, to every day management of your devices, Out-of-Band and NetOps functionality is always useful 24/7, no matter what is happening.
The new NetOps management servers provide the secure access to management ports you expect from an Opengear solution, plus the automation ability of standard NetOps tools. Engineers can now deploy one appliance at each location, which will provide them with secure remote access. It will also enable presence and proximity which will serve as a base for programmability and automation of network management.

Join Brendan Walsh, Opengear’s Sales Director for Asia Pacific and Monish Chhabria, Managing Director, Tim Infratech as they discuss how these new Network management servers add a level of intelligence beyond normal Out-of-Band management.

Here’s what you’ll find in this webinar:

  1. Explore the complexity of resilience in the Data Center
  2. Hear the latest research from the Uptime Institute
  3. Understand the value of Out-of-Band Management in a resilient network

Speakers for this webinar

Mark Harris
SVP of Marketing, Uptime Institute

Ryan Hogg
Sr Product Manager, Opengear