The New Age of NetOps

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The biggest drivers of implementing a NetOps approach within an enterprise are to fuel digital transformation and to improve agility – although it provides many benefits, how does NetOps and increasing network automation change the role of a network engineer? In our upcoming webinar, we talk to seasoned figures from the Networking Engineering Community who are navigating this evolving landscape themselves.

As demands evolve and complexity grows in the IT space, many enterprises are encouraging their Network Engineers to discover how to improve processes through automation – freeing them to focus on other domains, but there’s a training gap. Compiled of engineers with a diverse background across the entire IT landscape, including a Cisco CCIE exam developer, enterprise cloud expert, global sales engineer, and podcast host, our panel has the boots on the ground experience (60+ years) to get the conversation going on. They will be discussing the latest industry trends & technologies affecting the network engineer’s landscape; what to learn to ensure you are a future fit for the role and discuss recommended training for your continued success.

Join our conversation, where we’ll be talking about:

  1. Network Resilience and why it’s important to network engineers
  2. Industry Trends: NetOps, 5G, edge, cloud, IoT, infrastructure security
  3. The changing role of network engineers: emergence of new network automation job roles
  4. The Network Engineers Toolkit: What tools to add to your bag

Speakers for this webinar

Jason Gooley
Technical Evangelist,
Cisco Networks

AJ Murray
Senior Network Engineer, Red River

Dan Baxter
Sales Engineer,

Roy Chua
Founder and Principal,