OM2200 Operations Manager

Perlengkapan Opengear OM adalah NetOps Console Server – perlengkapan Manajemen Jaringan yang memadukan kemampuan Smart OOB™ Console Server dengan fleksibilitas NetOps Automation.

OM2200 NetOps Console Server, yang dikelola melalui perangkat lunak Lighthouse kami, dikonfigurasi untuk pusat data dan lokasi berdensitas tinggi. Sebagai bagian dari Platform Ketahanan Jaringan Opengear, server konsol ini memberikan bidang manajemen yang aman dan terpisah yang mendukung aplikasi otomatisasi canggih.

  • 16, 32, 48 Port serial dan 24 model port campuran Ethernet Serial / 24 dengan modul seluler LTE-A Pro global opsional
  • Platform x86 mendukung Docker dan Python, untuk mengotomatiskan proses NetOps
  • Smart OOB mencakup port discovery otomatis dan dukungan VLAN di perlengkapan OM

KONFIGURASI ANDA NetOps Console Server


Gunakan wizard konfigurasi produk kami untuk menemukan SKU spesifik yang Anda butuhkan untuk aplikasi Anda.

  • x86 CPU supports standard Docker containers and a Python runtime environment, to automate NetOps processes
  • TPM2.0 chip provides a secure boot process to protect against configuration and firmware tampering
  • 64GB internal flash memory, to keep configuration and software files on site, where they are needed
  • Open architecture, based on Linux operating system. Standard DevOps tools, including Ansible, Docker and Python, used for automation
  • Smart OOB includes automated port discovery and VLAN support on the OM appliances
  • Embedded LTE-A Pro cellular module for global access

All Models:

All serial ports are RJ45 RS-232 Console Port (50 to 230,400 bps, software selectable Cisco-straight or Cisco-rolled pinout)

1 x micro USB 2.0 Console Port and 1 x RJ45 Serial

8 x USB 2.0 ports for device console management

2 x USB 3.0 Host Ports for storage

2 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet/SFP Fiber port

OM2216 – 16 x RJ45 RS-232 Serial Ports

OM2232 – 32 x RJ45 RS-232 Serial Ports

OM2248 – 48 x RJ45 RS-232 Serial Ports


Dual socket universal 100-240V AC

Power consumption for serial models than 30W
Power consumption for mixed models less than 45W

Dimensions and Weight:

17.25 x 10.25 x 1.75 in – 7.7 lbs

44 x 26 x 4.5 cm – 3.5 kg


Ambient Operating Temperature: 5°C to 50°C, 41°F to 122°F

Storage Temperature: -30°C to +60°C, -22°F to +140°F

Humidity: 5% to 90%


EN55032: 2015 Class A


EN61000-4-2, -4-3:2006+A1: 2006+A2:2010, -4-4: 2007, -4-5: 2014, -4-6:2008, -4-8: 2009, -4-11: 2010, -4-28: 2010 EN61000-3-2: 2014, EN61000-3-3: 2013

Memory & CPU:

  • AMD GX-412TC  1.4 GHz 4-core 64-bit x86
  • 8 GB DDR3 RAM


100,000 hours

Security and Authentication:

Trusted Platform Module 2.0

Embedded Firewall
OpenVPN – Lighthouse Connection

Cellular Specifications (OM22xx-L models)

SIM Slot: Dual Push Click 2FF SIM slots

Modem Device: These models utilize the Sierra Wireless EM7565. This a global cellular module certified CE, FCC, GCF, IC, JRF/JPA, NCC, PTCRB

Connectors: 2 x SMA connectors for cellular with diversity and 1 x SMA connector for GPS

Air Interface: LTE-A Pro (LTE-LAA), HSPA+

Frequency Bands:4G LTE B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B7, B8, B9, B12, B13, B18, B19, B20, B26, B28, B29, B30, B32, B41, B42, B43, B46, B48, B66 3G HSPA+ B1, B2, B4, B5, B6, B8, B9, B19

Data Services: Transfer rate (peak): Download 600 Mbps/Upload 150 Mbps CAT-12

Name Part Number Description

SFP Gigabit Optical Tranceivers

Name: SX SFP fiber transceiver, 550m multi-mode Part Number: 569023 Description: Transceiver – SX SFP – 550m multi-mode
Name: LX/LH SFP fiber transceiver, 2km multi-mode Part Number: 569024 Description: Transceiver – LX/LH SFP – 2km multi-mode
Name: LX/LH SFP fiber transceiver, 10km single-mode Part Number: 569025 Description: Transceiver – LX/LH SFP – 10km single-mode
Name: EX SFP fiber transceiver, 40km single-mode Part Number: 569026 Description: EX SFP fiber transceiver, 40km single-mode

Wireless Accessories

Name: Antenna – Blade LTE-A Pro with swivel base (-L Devices) Part Number: 569041 Description: Antenna – Blade LTE-A Pro with swivel base (-L Devices)
Name: Antenna Extender – Magnetic Base with 10′ Cable Part Number: 449041 Description: Antenna Extender – Magnetic Base with 10′ Cable

Serial Adapters

Name: DB9F to RJ45 crossover serial adapter Part Number: 319015 Description: Adapter – DB9F to RJ45 crossover serial – DTE -For X2 Pinout


Name: OGEXTWAR5-OM22 Part Number: OGEXTWAR5-OM22 Description: Warranty OM2200 (Extends to 5th year warranty)
Name: OGEXTWAR6-OM22 Part Number: OGEXTWAR6-OM22 Description: Warranty – IM7200 (Extends to 6th year warranty)