NetOps Automation

NetOps for your Network

DevOps tools are increasingly applied to networking, creating a NetOps approach to building and maintaining a reliable infrastructure to support the virtualized world – a network that is both available and agile. One approach to introducing NetOps into an enterprise is to layer it into an existing solution, adding functionality and flexibility to a familiar component of your infrastructure.

A Smart Out-of-Band management network already provides presence and proximity to your critical devices, and so is well-placed to bring NetOps automation to your network. The ability to run standard NetOps tools, such as Docker, Ansible, and Python on a console server provides a new way to automate your operations at centralized and remote locations.


The OM Family of Console Servers

That solution now exists, in the new Opengear OM Family of Console Servers – Network Management appliances that combine the capabilities of a Smart OOB Console Server with the flexibility of NetOps Automation. They feature an x86 CPU to power automation tools, and a TMP2.0 chip for embedded security.

The compact OM1200 appliance is designed specifically for secure edge deployments, used in combination with Lighthouse Software, while the OM2200 appliance is configured for data centers and high density locations.

Integrated into Opengear’s Network Resilience Platform, they provide a separate, secure management plane which supports emerging requirements in Network Management and Automation.


Produtos Relacionados

Gerente de operações OM1200

The Opengear OM1200 Operations Manager streamlines key actions within the NetOps workflow, as a core component of the NetOps Automation™ platform.

Gerente de operações OM2200

O OM2200 Operations Manager agiliza as principais ações dentro do fluxo de trabalho do NetOps, como um componente central da plataforma NetOps Automation™.

Lighthouse Management Software

Lighthouse software manages all of your network devices via connected console servers at each location. As an API-driven platform with an HTML5 interface, it provides secure access to remote networks regardless of how they are connected or how a user interacts with the system. In combination with NetOps Console Servers, Lighthouse can push and manage Docker containers to each remote location to provide additional functionality and automation.