Out-of-Band Management

Resilience for Your Network

Out-of-Band management’s primary application is to provide secure, remote access to your critical resources even when the primary network is down. It offers presence and proximity to your distributed network, with a console server at every location, physically connected to routers, switches and key hardware. The addition of 4G-LTE provides a secure alternative access path, and Failover to CellularTM provides enough bandwidth for critical processes to continue to operate during an outage. When the network goes down, Out-of-Band keeps you running.


First Day, Worst Day, and Every Day

Is it smart to rely on the Production network to manage your network every day? With secure remote access to your devices via the console servers, Out-of-Band (OOB) management creates an always-on independent management plane, giving you reliable access to monitor and manage your IT infrastructure. Lock down the most critical functions on the Production network, and use the more secure OOB network to configure and manage your devices. Out-of-Band is the Network Engineer’s Network.

An investment in Out-of-Band Management is an investment that pays off every day.

  • Secure Day One provisioning is now possible, using an OM2200 or OM1200 with embedded physical security, capable of running Docker containers and Python scripts.
  • Everyday management and monitoring of your IT infrastructure is more secure and more resilient over the independent management plane, separate from the Production network
  • Global cellular modules and centralized management software ensures access to your critical devices to fix the issue, when the primary network goes down


Resilience in the Data Center 

Smart OOB allows organizations across the globe to ensure resilient backup connectivity, seamlessly access devices in remote data centers and reduce costs. Opengear’s console servers and infrastructure management solutions provide resilience and dependability to improve management functions.

Learn how cloud provider Secura Hosting utilized Smart OOB to reduce the time-consuming nature of dispatching engineers to its data center sites to make configuration changes and troubleshoot issues. Having deployed Smart Out-of-Band by Opengear, they’ve improved their management capabilities which led to a return on investment in just seven months


An Edge Network as Reliable
as the Data Center

Your customers expect the same level of service, no matter where their data comes from. As computing moves closer to the edge of the network, the high uptime of a data center must be translated to small, remote locations. With no engineer on site, and with physical redundancy cost-prohibitive at each location, you need an alternative approach to resilience. Always-on access to an independent, secure management plane via a centralized software system provides a way to monitor and remediate issues at your edge locations without sending someone to site. Out-of-Band adds resilience to your network.

In an independent survey of 500 Global IT Leaders, 49% said that Network Resilience was their #1 Priority.

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