Extending Your Reach

Colocations provide a wide range of benefits for enterprises looking to house their hardware in a secure facility with a cost-efficient model. However, as network needs continue to evolve, there are some areas of concern that colocations don’t fully address.

To ensure that demands are met, enterprises need a platform that provides visibility and remote management capabilities. Opengear solutions provide secure, always-on access from anywhere, allowing engineers to detect and remediate issues that may occur in remote colocation facilities.

Opengear’s proven solutions enable always-on network resilience and uptime for customers with infrastructure in colocations. The Network Resilience Platform is simple to manage, quick to deploy and easily scalable.

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Enabling Full Visibility

Engineering teams are constantly trying to cut costs while also deploying state of the art solutions to meet organizational goals. This is why many enterprises choose to house their infrastructure in a colocation instead of building and maintaining an onsite data center. However, without the proper solutions in place, the smallest network issue can escalate into a large scale disruption.

Read our infographic to learn how Lighthouse is a necessity when monitoring and managing infrastructure at a colocation.

Deploying New Equipment

Many times, enterprises choose to use a colocation because they’ve outgrown their current data center. To meet constantly growing demands, these facilities allow organizations to scale as needed. This can be difficult and costly to do at a self-managed facility.

Opengear’s Network Resilience Platform provide organizations with the ability to easily deploy infrastructure at a new location without the need for onsite engineers. Managing the Day One deployment process, the device has an embedded TPM 2.0 chip to protect configuration files and prevent tampering.

The Network Resilience Platform is sent to a remote colocation where it calls home using a secure LTE connection and Lighthouse manages the deployment process. Integrated into the Network Resilience Platform, it provides an independent, secure management plane to support emerging and network automation needs

To learn more about Day One provisioning and other capabilities you’ll have with Opengear, read our solutions overview sheet.

Demo Video

Watch our demo video to see an in-depth overview of the capabilities of the Opengear console server Web UI.

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