Partner Program

Strategically Smart, Constantly Connected, Powerfully Profitable

Opengear offers industry-leading solutions to help you increase network resilience and maintain business continuity for your customers. Our Reseller Partner Programs offer an unprecedented level of support for partners that are most committed to selling Opengear solutions.

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  • Reward top resellers for increased commitment to Opengear solutions
  • Focus on resellers who provide the most value for Opengear users
  • Invest in resellers who position Opengear as a strategic solution for their customers
  • Enable resellers to know their registered and non-registered pricing without a quote each time
  • Ensure protection for registered pricing
  • Provide enhanced account management services and technical support for top resellers

Opengear’s Partner Program makes it easier for you to grow your business. Our Smart Out-of-Band Management solutions complement and enhance your current networking deals, and our unique Partner Program gives you the tools to provide your customers with next-generation infrastructure management capabilities. Together, we enable and reward you as you build profitable, differentiated and successful practices around Opengear technology, and grow as a true “trusted advisor” to your valued customers.


Our Partner Program helps you:
  • Educate your sales force with technical resources on Opengear’s technology and use cases
  • Identify opportunities to drive innovation and competitiveness
  • Help acquire new customers
  • Drive greater account penetration
  • Grow revenue and profit
  • Achieve high levels of satisfaction and ongoing strategic relationships with customers

Are you eligible?

The Opengear Partner Program is designed for you – our Value Added Resellers, Direct Market Resellers, System Integrators, Distributors and Technology Providers that sell our products to end-users. Opengear works with countless partners in cultivating new business.  We want you to become a member of our partner family.

Opengear Partner Program Benefits


Our Reseller Partner Programs reward resellers who demonstrate their commitment to their customers and Opengear by making Smart Out-of-Band management a part of every networking deal. Sell more Opengear to earn larger discounts.


The Opengear Partner Portal is your key to growing revenue and profits, featuring promotions, product information, success stories, training courses and the opportunity to register your deals. Our robust deal registration program is available to all Opengear partners, providing deal protection, assistance in the sales process, and more margin.


The Opengear channel team will work with you to develop a customized sales incentive program for your team. Our Partner Portal is regularly updated with the latest promotions and incentive offers to help you sell our product, close more business and increase your margin.


Opengear is fully committed to the channel, and continually plans and executes marketing programs to increase awareness and generate demand through social media, email campaigns, virtual and in-person events, educational content and more. The result is a steady flow of leads that we share with our resellers.


Our marketing team continually creates new datasheets, whitepapers, case studies, co-branded collateral, webinars and key industry articles to share with your customer base. We provide you with the tools you need to be successful with Opengear.


Customized live training is available for you and your team, either on premise or online. Opengear also offers individualized online training and certification modules on the Partner Portal that you can complete on your own time.

Opengear Channel Certification Program

Increase your Opengear product knowledge with our new technical certification program. Designed specifically by our channel engineers, arm yourself with the tools necessary to understand the unique demands of each customer with this complete end to end training.

Register for the Channel Certification Program to:

  • Receive a first hand walk through of the most critical network management challenges
  • Understand how our solutions will address evolving needs and pain points
  • Get Opengear certified

Register now and begin the Opengear Channel Certification Program. You’ll gain the critical tools to help increase sales and develop new revenue streams without ever stepping foot onsite.

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