Data Center Management

Evolving Data Center Demands

Data center environments continue to evolve, with their role and composition having changed significantly over the past two decades. From hyperscale data centers to colocations, whatever type of facility it is, enterprises expect speed, performance and efficiency.

The increase of new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) are a major driver of growth in the data center market. The US Data Center market is projected to reach revenues of more than $60 billion by 2024, the high demand for facilities, now more than ever, require a smart solution for monitoring data center equipment.

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Always On Connectivity, From Anywhere

Smart Out-of-Band by Opengear raises infrastructure management to a new level. Extending beyond traditional out-of-band management solutions, it ensures efficient, secure access to data center infrastructure.

Streamlining remote management of network infrastructure, Smart Out-of-Band provides an alternative path to devices when the primary network is down. Automated intelligence ensures uptime for critical applications by enabling remote monitoring and control of the environment. Proactive identification allows enterprises to quickly remediate issues to ensure business continuity and minimize downtime costs.

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Keeping Data Centers Undefeated By Downtime

Smart Out-of-Band allows organizations across the globe to ensure resilient backup connectivity across devices in distributed data centers. Opengear’s console servers and infrastructure management solutions ensure network resilience to enable business continuity.

Opengear worked with i3D.Net, a leading provider of high-performance hosting and global infrastructure services, to help maintain its global operation. Requiring the network to be constantly up and running, they deployed Opengear solutions to ensure resilience to its routers all across the world.

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