Cloud Providers

Keeping The Cloud Up

In this video,‘s COO Rick Sloot explains how Opengear helps them maintain the high level of service demanded by their customers

Cloud computing has been the standard IT delivery platform for over a decade and its adoption rate continues to grow. The implementation of higher network service level agreements and increasing customer demands has required an increased need for data center infrastructure. More racks, more routers and more switches all require more resilience.

For, who operate a global low-latency network, with thousands of servers spread over more than 35 points of presence, ensuring network resilience is an important business priority.

Digital Ocean also rely on Opengear to keep their data centers running smoothly. Read the Case Study.

Distributed Data Center Demands

It is a continual challenge for Cloud Providers to manage thousands of pieces of equipment remotely. Necessary routine maintenance such as updating firmware, patching software, configuration updates and troubleshooting issues can be difficult and costly when managing a large number of distributed data centers.

Smart Out-of-Band management is a proven, effective solution to manage and monitor remote infrastructure. Eliminating the need for costly truck rolls, organizations are able to simplify remote management through automation and orchestration while managing redundancies to ensure an always-on network. Embedded intelligence at each compute center proactively monitors network performance and physical environments to enable enterprises to detect faults before they become failures.

Read our white paper to learn why Out-of-Band is a critical solution for Cloud Providers.

Maintaining Uptime Everywhere

It’s critical that cloud providers’ infrastructure is designed for reliability, security and scale. Opengear worked with Secura Cloud Hosting to improve its management capabilities. Seven months after deploying the solutions, Secura benefited from reducing site visits by 30% while features such as full audit trails on configuration changes have helped enforce its strict security policies.

To learn more about how Secura reduced costs and increased uptime with Opengear, read our case study.

Demo Video

Watch our demo video to see an in-depth overview of the capabilities of the Opengear console server Web UI.

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