Always-on Network Resilience for Cloud Providers

Case Study: Secura hosting gains return on investment in just seven months with Smart OOB

Cloud services are growing at a phenomenal pace as the cloud has become the major conduit for digital transformation. It’s a race among cloud providers to capture market share. You’re also probably busy adding exciting new applications and features to cloud platforms, like Big Data, artificial intelligence, IoT, and Blockchain. And, if you’re like many providers, you’re wondering how best to manage all of those growing racks of servers, routers, switches, power supplies, and other infrastructure deployed throughout your data centers.

Your customers don’t care what infrastructure you have behind the curtain. They just want their apps and services to work -anytime, anywhere.  Downtime is out. Efficiency is in.

The good news is that while some network issues are beyond your control, due to unforeseen accidents and inclement weather, many best practices to ensure always-on network resilience and maximum uptime are well within your control.

Out-of-Band Management for Remote Management of Dispersed Data Centers

Managing hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of pieces of equipment in multiple, dispersed data centers can be a big challenge. It’s expensive to dispatch technicians to update the firmware, patch software, make configuration changes, and troubleshoot issues.

As many cloud providers around the world have discovered, one answer to meet the challenge is remote, out-of-band (OOB) network management. Provided by proven, cost-effective gateways and infrastructure managers from Opengear, OOB management allows your network and systems admins to access, monitor, configure, and troubleshoot infrastructure gear wherever it resides — remotely. This eliminates the need for expensive truck rolls and fieldwork assignments for your operations staff.

Automated Intelligence for Continuous Vigilance

Case Study: Opengear Connects the Clouds to Ensure Uptime

Along with the savings on travel, Opengear remote management products help you keep uptime high and shorten any periods of downtime. Embedded management intelligence at the network edge proactively analyzes network performance, immediately reports potential faults, and automatically detects and repairs common issues. An intuitive dashboard with proactive alerts provides real-time status of your infrastructure, so you can fix problems before they become failures.

You can also use Opengear to monitor the physical environments of your data centers. Just integrate sensors for smoke detectors, heating, water, motion detection, and video surveillance with your Opengear management system to provide even more visibility into what’s happening in remote environments.

And there’s yet another significant Opengear feature — Failover-to-Cellular™ (F2C). If an unforeseen outage takes down your WAN in one or more data centers, within seconds your infrastructure switches to a cellular connection to remain online and operational. Your always-on OOB remote management features are preserved. Best of all, your customers won’t even notice.



  • Remote provisioning, backup, configuration and troubleshooting to reduce costs for maintenance, IT staffing and travel.
  • Reduced MTBF and MTTR with proactive problem identification, quick notification and prompt response to system or network connectivity issues
  • Support global operations through secure, robust OOB management and secure failover to 4G LTE in the event of a WAN failure.
  • Management access to equipment via cellular, POTS or other networks to deploy new equipment or to perform remediation if the primary network is down or hacked.
  • Simplified remote management through automation and orchestration.
  • Manage connection redundancies to ensure an always-on network.
  • A vendor-agnostic solution that integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure.