Smart is Good. Resilient is Even Better.

The exponential growth and increased complexity of IT infrastructure drives the demand for always-on connectivity and resilience in the face of a network failure event. The ability to quickly identify and remediate connectivity issues between dispersed devices and remote infrastructure is critical.

Minimize disruption to critical business operations and remediate issues at the network edge with the combination of Opengear SmartOOB™ Management and Failover to Cellular for true network resilience.

Opengear Smart OOB + Failover to Cellular

Opengear SmartOOB Management combined with Failover to Cellular delivers always-on out-of-band access, proactive monitoring and automated remediation to keep your business running – even during network downtime.

Smart OOB enables remote setup, ongoing maintenance and disaster recovery of mission-critical IT, power and network infrastructure. By moving computation to the data, as opposed to moving data to the computation, Opengear gives businesses unmatched speed and effectiveness in managing remote devices.  The ability to manage network devices of any make, run custom scripts for notifications and responses, support environmental monitoring devices and pivot between GUI and command line interfaces is what makes it smarter than other competing solutions.

Failover to Cellular automatically restores site connectivity using high-speed 4G LTE and/or 3G cellular. This transparent automatic failover and failback functionality integrates seamlessly with existing IT systems and network infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted availability for remote networks when things go wrong with the primary connection – at a much lower cost than traditional analog lines.  And because Opengear devices are compatible with all of the major tier 1 wireless providers and offer mutli-carrier support, IT departments can choose what service works best for their business.



  • Minimize disruption and downtime, providing the highest levels of business continuity
  • Provide a secure alternate path to devices at remote sites — even during outages
  • Maintain connectivity during system failures, network outages and new site turn-up
  • Monitor physical environments to detect faults before they become failures
  • Automatic failover and failback restores WAN connectivity without manual intervention
  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing IT systems and network infrastructure