Remote Site Management – Moving Intelligence to the Network Edge.

Computers and communications equipment can now be found in the most remote and obscure places where there will rarely be technical staff. This shift makes it necessary for IT admins to have the ability to manage and monitor network devices remotely. And as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technologies drive the proliferation of remote devices, the complexity of distributed networks continues to increase, along with the focus on secure and reliable remote site management.

Manage and monitor any device on the network — anytime and from anywhere.

The Smart Solution for Managing Distributed Networks

SmartOOB™ raises secure remote access and management to a new level. We move intelligence to the network edge for smarter real time decision-making. Our solutions integrate the features needed to turn up locations quickly and to monitor, control and troubleshoot all critical infrastructure at all local and remote sites — even if the network is down.

Everything can be monitored at the remote sites — from applications, computers and networking equipment to security cameras, power supplies, smoke alarms and door sensors. Our centralized management solutions can be programmed to automatically alert and respond to events, ensuring uninterrupted availability for remote networks.

Failover to Cellular automatically restores site connectivity using high-speed 4G LTE and/or 3G cellular with the world’s most trusted carriers. This transparent automatic failover and failback integrates seamlessly with existing IT systems and network infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted availability for remote networks.  Devices with multi-carrier support make it simple to establish wireless redundancies further protecting networks from costly downtime.

Remote Site Management solution diagram


  • Remotely manage IT equipment from anywhere
  • Enterprise grade security for confident remote management
  • Single point of management for all network devices
  • Scalable solutions to support business growth
  • Embedded 4G LTE for failover and alternative paths into network infrastructure