Remote Site / Edge Management

Increasing Demand At The Edge

A shift is occurring at the edge, with enterprises prioritizing network infrastructure at remote sites. As IoT deployments increase, organizations are becoming more reliant upon data generated outside of the traditional data center.

To meet constantly growing demands, organizations are adding more critical applications at the edge with market growth expected to reach $9 billion by 2024. As this occurs, enterprises must be able to match the resilience, scalability, and high-availability found in the data center with a smart solution.

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Network Resilience At Remote Sites

Smart Out-of-Band (Smart OOB™) paired with Failover to Cellular™ enables enterprises to ensure resilient backup connectivity to remote networks. Providing access to infrastructure during disruptions, organizations are able to ensure business continuity and uptime for critical applications.

Smart Out-of-Band adds intelligence to the edge, allowing enterprises to manage infrastructure at multiple sites. Designed to exceed the needs of IT and IoT resilience, it enables advanced capabilities for automatic responses for identification and remediation at the network edge.

Failover to Cellular ensures uninterrupted availability for remote networks with 4G LTE. Built on robust IP Passthrough technology, it is easily integrated into existing installs or can be rapidly deployed for instant-on connectivity for new networks and branch locations.

Lighthouse Enterprise serves as a central hub for remote sites, providing a clear view across the network. By reducing human error and guaranteeing repeatability, organizations reduce the chance of small network events becoming large scale disruptions.

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Ensuring Fully Reliable Connectivity

Smart Out-of-Band and Failover to Cellular enable organizations to remotely remediate issues without interrupting business operations when the primary network is down.

Opengear worked with ePlus, a leading global provider of integrated technology services and solutions to ensure reliable connectivity at its remote sites. Opengear solutions have been deployed at its branch offices in the US for remote access, maintenance, and proactive monitoring.

Read our case study to learn how ePlus ensures uptime with Opengear.

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