Managed Service Providers

Connecting Your Customers

Constant accessibility is a necessity for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) when ensuring Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are adhered to, acquiring new customers and performing daily IT functions. Providing always-on access to critical applications and ensuring uptime can be challenging when managing distributed networks for customers.

To ensure that customer demands are able to be continually met, MSPs need a platform that provides visibility and the ability to remotely manage infrastructure for multiple vendors.

Opengear’s proven solutions ensure always-on network resilience and maximum uptime for MSP customers. The Network Resilience Platform is simple to manage, quick to deploy, and scalable to thousands of locations.

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Managing Devices Efficiently

More than three quarters of MSPs are managing equipment from four or more network vendors. This can present many challenges with most of these vendors not sharing a common management framework. That along with lack of standardization among devices can create network disruptions. Poor response time and reoccurring issues are just a few reasons why customers choose to switch MSP vendors.

If an outage occurs, engineers need the proper network visibility.

Read our infographic to learn why Opengear is a critical component to ensuring customer uptime.


Improving Service Levels

One of the largest challenges for MSPs is differentiating their service offerings to acquire new customers. The Opengear Network Resilience Platform incorporates Smart Out-of-Band and NetOps capabilities to manage critical infrastructure remotely.

Opengear smart solutions enable engineers to manage, monitor and remediate network issues, even during a disruption. Opengear’s NetOps Console Servers allow engineers to run tools such as Docker containers and Python scripts. This eliminates the need to rely on servers or application teams to access the production server. Separate to the management plane, these devices ensure remote access to critical devices at all times.

Read our MSP Solutions Overview Sheet to learn more about ensuring network resilience.

Demo Video

Watch our demo video to see an in-depth overview of the capabilities of the Opengear console server Web UI.