Opengear Cellular Connectivity Services

Opengear’s cellular connectivity services complement our Network Resilience Platform. We enable our customers to connect easily to an award-winning global cellular network.

For organizations that need access to simple, cost-effective and accelerated access to award-winning cellular networks, Opengear offers coverage in 170+ countries.

We provide a complete out-of-band management experience complemented by cellular connectivity services. With our tiered service model, customers select the coverage based on their use case, NOT on arbitrary data plan limitations.

Simple Cellular Connectivity • Cost-effective Solution • Accelerated Time to Value

Incidental1MB-50MB1-year and 3-year terms available
Small25MB- 250MB1-year and 3-year terms available
Medium240MB -1024 MB1-year and 3-year terms available
Large750 MB -2048MB1-year and 3-year terms available
* Available data range per node per month
** 1 year subscription paid annually and 3-year subscription paid every 3 years.
Additional Security Features for Opengear Connectivity Services
Metrics-based actions, Proactive alerts, and SIM Lock>

Opengear Connectivity Services Country Availability

Countries included in Opengear Connectivity Services

Countries NOT included in Opengear Connectivity Services