Network RQ

Network Resilience: It’s more than just improving uptime, or adding redundancy. It’s adding a layer of intelligence to your network’s “plan B”. That’s why we’re talking about your Network RQ™.

Network RQ Can Help You

If you’ve ever struggled to convince senior management why they should invest in new infrastructure, or why an equipment refresh is needed, Network RQ can give you the vocabulary and tools to help you win the argument.

What’s the impact of poor network resilience? How much does it cost your bottom line, and your brand reputation? How can we measure the effectiveness and value of increasing your network’s RQ? We’ll help you answer these questions and more.

Start by reading the Network Resilience white paper or downloading the infographic.

Building Network Resilience
White Paper

It’s more important than ever to ensure your network’s availability. A key component of that is resilience. This paper explains the concepts behind network resilience, why it matters, and how your organization can achieve true network resilience.

The 7 Step Journey to Network Resilience

Today, in virtualized environments, the principles of Network Resilience take on much more importance. That’s why we’re encouraging networking engineers and senior management to start the conversation.


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Network Resilience is More Than Out-of-Band

Sure, we think Opengear’s Out-of-Band solutions are an important part of Network Resilience. But there’s much more to it.

Here are some independent resources.

White Paper: Resilience and survivability in communication networks (J.P.G.Sterbenz et al)
One of the earliest white papers, and the source of the Wikipedia definition, of network resilience

Article: Recent Trends in High Availability Show Soaring Cost of Downtime (IBM)
Even a single hour of downtime costs on average more than $100,000. Everyone from clients to IT Admins to the C-Suite is demanding more and more uptime. This article explores the reasons why.

Article: High Availability Concepts and Best Practices (Oracle)
High-availability systems avoid having single points of failure and offer redundant hardware and software that makes the system available in spite of failures. Learn more about best practices.

Video: In-Band/Out-of-Band Device Management
This video offers a clear introduction to the difference between in-band management and out-of-band management as well as why you need to know the difference.

Blog: Uptime Institute Blog
Uptime Institute is an unbiased advisory organization focused on improving the performance, efficiency, and reliability of business critical infrastructure through innovation, collaboration, and independent certifications.

Book: Digital Resilience: Is Your Company Ready for the Next Cyber Threat?
In the age of IoT, being resilient and prepared for intrusion and cyber attack is imperative. This book gives you strategies for keeping your business going with the potential for attacks.