SD-WAN and Out-Of-Band

Creating Smarter Networks

SD-WAN provides organizations with secure network connections at a lower cost. Creating more agile Wide Area Networks (WANs) that are able to support the increasingly sophisticated distribution of network devices across multiple sites, the wide range of SD-WAN benefits have made it the standard in enterprise deployments.

These benefits include:

  • Secure connection of standard broadband via a dynamic VPN tunnel
  • Increased flexibility of new networks
  • Reduced costs using commodity hardware
  • Quick deployment of new networks

To provide these benefits however, the local routers in SD-WAN deployments have become more sophisticated which can pose challenges to traditional network management which expects constant network connectivity.

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Understanding Potential SD-WAN Interrupters

The new flexibility enabled by SD-WAN brings with it a heightened need for remote engineers to manage on-site devices. The sophistication of the SD-WAN hardware introduces points of failure which without the proper solutions in place, become large scale disruptions.

These points of failure include:

Updates: Every time a firmware update is executed, there is a risk of a misconfiguration or error which can bring down the router.

Security: SD-WAN needs additional security offerings to protect the enterprise. The primary SD-WAN connection must be secure, and must be added to any other security solution being deployed.

Read our SD-WAN Solutions Overview Sheet to learn more about possible points of failure.

Ensuring Network Resilience with SD-WAN

SD-WAN is not a standalone solution. During the initial rollout or migration from the previous WAN, an organization’s network can be left unstable with frequent updates and glitches. Although there are many benefits to SD-WAN deployments, single points of failure can result with potential downtime. Smart Out-of-Band supports SD-WAN deployments, allowing engineers to access the network at all times.

Smart Out-of-Band is separate to the production network, providing engineers the ability to remotely monitor and manage all remote devices so that a disruption won’t affect the primary operation. Ensuring continuity and uptime using automated intelligence, Smart Out-of-Band paired with Failover to Cellular™ enables network resilience by providing always on access. Lighthouse Enterprise provides full network visibility to diagnose and remediate the issue if disruption occurs.

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