Failover to Cellular

Enable always-on availability

Opengear Failover to Cellular™ (F2C) provides continued internet connectivity for remote LANs and equipment over high-speed 4G LTE or 3G networks when the primary link is unavailable. Ensuring speed to keep the network running smoothly and link diversity for true WAN resilience, Failover to Cellular is built on robust IP Passthrough technology. This allows for easy integration into existing installs or can be rapidly deployed for instant-on connectivity for new networks and branch locations.

This feature is useful for an SD-WAN deployment. SD-WAN enables organizations to reduce costs and maintain secure network connections, however the high bandwidth internet connections, routers and constant firmware updates associated with this can introduce a single point of failure. If the network goes down during a deployment, Smart OOB™ and Failover to Cellular ensures secondary access to the routers to easily reflash or power cycle. NetOps staff are able to remotely get the network backup and running without an onsite visit.

Increase resilience and remediation

Failover to Cellular allows organizations to maintain connectivity and decrease disruption with ensured business continuity. Easily integrating with existing IT systems and network infrastructure, F2C restores WAN connectivity without manual intervention. Utilized with Smart Out-of-Band  (Smart OOB), which is built into all Opengear devices, organizations are able to have remote access even when WAN and LAN networks are down. During an outage, in order to remediate the problem as quickly as possible, network engineers must have visibility of the whole network. Smart OOB provides engineers with full visibility to maximize uptime and reduce outages.


Remediate issues remotely

Distributed enterprises often times may experience disruption events that effect the primary network connection. Failover to Cellular built-in to Opengear devices, automatically activate a secondary connection to re-establish in and outbound network access. Once failover is enabled, Opengear devices are able to detect failures sending ICMP ping requests from the primary network interface to a primary and secondary probe address remotely. If these requests fail – the primary connection has been deemed as having also failed. When the primary connection has been restored, the devices automatically fail forward and resumes normal operation.


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