Building A Resilient Hospitality Network​

The hospitality industry is undergoing a major digital transformation. Despite past travel restrictions, it’s become the fastest growing industry. As the world opens back up, hotels are preparing to welcome guests.

To improve customer experiences, competitively take their business to new heights and streamline operations, these hospitality environments are becoming increasingly complex. Continually adding new technologies to aging infrastructure and pushing more assets to the edge to support evolving requirements, a larger strain is placed on the network, increasing the chance of a disruption.

Lacking the necessary onsite technical staff, hospitality organizations need to ensure always-on network access. Opengear’s solutions have been deployed by some of the largest hospitality brands in the world. Easily managed, scalable and providing the network resilience needed for business continuity, hotels have full visibility of their network.

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Ensuring Always-On Connectivity​

Hospitality organizations are leveraging IoT innovations to meet growing customer demands, with more than 70% of hotels having active projects. Wanting a greater digital experience, electronic room keys, self-service check ins and smart room features are being added by many hotels. However, IoT also provides benefits for hospitality organizations, with 47% of hotel executives leveraging new technologies to reduce operating costs.

To successfully implement these new technologies, hospitality organizations must simplify network management and ensure connectivity with an always-on, independent management plane.

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Provisioning New Hospitality Sites

Hospitality organizations are constantly building new properties. Opengear solutions allow engineers to remotely provision new sites. For bare metal builds, remotely get the network running from Day One by preconfiguring a secure, NetOps Console Sever, sending it onsite and easily adding it to the rack.

Designed specifically for secure edge deployments, this device features a x86 CPU and a TPM 2.0 chip for embedded security. NetOps tools allow engineers to automate everything from one central location.

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Enabling Uptime in Hospitality

Hospitality brands can have properties distributed across the globe. If a network disruption occurs, without the proper visibility, engineers aren’t able to quickly get onsite to diagnose the issue and every minute of downtime is lost revenue.

Smart Out-of-Band and Failover to Cellular™, provide an alternative path to devices, outside of the production network. Allowing engineers to monitor and manage infrastructure remotely, network issues can be remediated remotely, without impacting guest experiences or normal operations.

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Demo Video

Watch our demo video to see an in-depth overview of the capabilities of the Opengear console server Web UI.