DigitalOcean guarantees 99.99% uptime for its hosting customers, necessitating a robust networking infrastructure with redundant and resilient equipment and capabilities. In the event of a connection failure – when a server goes completely offline and is inaccessible – DigitalOcean requires a dependable backup method of access that does not involve sending technicians to a remote location or relying on a mobile KVM, which can be slow, costly, and, in some cases, inadequate to the situation. Persistent serial connectivity during periods of maintenance is also a requirement, so that when a rebooting device loses connectivity a technician has the ability to reload it remotely from the console. DigitalOcean also needs a flexible networking equipment solution, with the ability to run scripts and backup and restore as needed. Solutions that necessitated adding hardware were explored, such as installing designated DRAC or iLo cards at every server, but these were determined to be too costly.

Their Challenges:

  • Develop a resilient backup connectivity method to fulfill the company’s uptime guarantee
  • Reliably access offline equipment in remote data centers
  • Avoid the time and cost of technician travel
  • Save money versus competing solutions requiring additional hardware (and licensing to activate that hardware)

Opengear’s console server and infrastructure manager solutions, featuring Smart OOB™ and embedded cellular connectivity technologies, have given DigitalOcean the resilience and dependability of out-of-band access and redundant management paths – and has done so at a price point and level of reliability that made Opengear the choice over other vendors.


In DigitalOcean’s first generation data center design, every rack includes an Opengear 48-port console server, which manages the 40+ servers on the rack. Network infrastructure sits at a different tier, on DigitalOcean’s out-of-band network, where the company uses an array of Opengear infrastructure managers to feed serial consoles to all infrastructure devices, including to Opengear switches in the racks and to other Opengear equipment. DigitalOcean has recently transitioned to a second-generation data center design that utilizes new Opengear platforms, including the CM7148 Console Server and the IM7248 Infrastructure Manager (which features LTE connectivity). These devices deliver resilient networking that includes features like network UPS and environmental monitoring. The embedded cellular capability and Smart OOB™ for out-of-band management ensure that servers can always be accessed through the redundant cellular out-of band connection.

DigitalOcean has found Opengear’s solutions to be more flexible, more affordable, and more reliable than competing solutions. DigitalOcean plans to incorporate Opengear into their future data center plans.

Additional benefits to Digital Ocean and their customers include:

  • Allowing DigitalOcean to fulfill its 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Improved business confidence and trust, as clients know DigitalOcean will keep its services online and active even during primary connection outages
  • Diagnostics and maintenance are performed quickly remotely
  • Opengear’s competitive pricing allows DigitalOcean to maintain its cost levels