Why You Need Out-of-Band Management

System outages can result from cyberattacks, human error, or any number of environmental conditions. A wide range of network elements can also cause outages. Cable interconnects, power supplies, switches, dense compute chassis, storage arrays, and even air conditioning are potential sources of problems. And network devices are only increasing in complexity, with software stacks that are frequently updated and susceptible to bugs, exploits, and cyberattacks.

If your primary network becomes unavailable, do all parts of your network, from data centers and branches to edge networks and IoT devices, have connection resilience? As your business grows, your network becomes increasingly complex and new deployments or acquisitions may lack the ability to connect seamlessly through the internet.

Reading this white paper you will learn:

  • What can cause an outage
  • The difference between In-Band and Out-of-Band management
  • Advancements made with Out-of-Band management console servers
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