Data Centers

One solution to monitor, access, alert, manage and control all of your rack infrastructure, even during downtime

  • Secure remote infrastructure management from the operations center, or anywhere in the world
  • Extends beyond traditional out-of-band management with automated response and remediation
  • Monitors everything, proactively detecting problems before they become failures
  • Single pane of glass monitoring, access & control of all data center infrastructure
  • Integrates with standard data center management systems & tools
  • Sophisticated remote troubleshooting reduces MTTR and operating costs
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Comprehensive infrastructure management for the data center

Today’s data centers have a wide array of network, server and power infrastructure from a variety of vendors. The scope and complexity of managing these environments continues to grow, and traditional out-of-band management solutions with basic serial console access no longer support these needs.

Opengear's state-of-the-are Smart OOB™ solution streamlines remote management of network, IT and power infrastructure in data centers, ensuring efficient and secure access, monitoring and control for local and remote operations teams.

Smart OOB™ raises infrastructure management to a new level, monitoring and controlling virtually everything that affects uptime, including the physical environment. Proactive problem identification, quick notification and automated remediation reduces operating and downtime costs. Managers can monitor and troubleshoot all their equipment from a centralized management station on a single pane of glass and Smart OOB™ enables remote setup, ongoing maintenance and disaster recovery of mission-critical infrastructure, even when the network is down.

One Smart OOB™ solution to monitor all your IT & network infrastructure, even during downtime

  • Maintains complete control during infrastructure fault conditions and network outages with serial, Ethernet and USB connectivity to critical infrastructure management consoles
  • Manages IT, network, security, power and environmental conditions
  • Monitors and controls UPS and power status (disruptions, surges, power cycling)
  • Logs systems health and the physical environmental conditions for audit trail and forensics
  • Integrated console server accesses up to 48 RS-232 serial ports. Clusters hundreds of ports behind one network address
  • Internal 4G LTE or 3G cellular provides a secure alternate path for troubleshooting and repair
  • Backup and restore device images and configs to integrated TFTP server and USB storage
  • Streamline and automate common maintenance tasks to improve productivity
  • Open platforms with root-level shell scripting and customization
  • Enterprise grade security

Opengear's data center smart management solutions monitor, access, alert, manage and control all data center infrastructure to improve efficiencies and ensure business continuity.