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Businesses strive to be more agile to keep up with the competition and to meet ever-changing market demands.  To keep up with the business, IT departments need to adapt to become leaner and more agile as well.  On the networking side the drive for big data has put a strain on existing networks.  The demand for larger data centers is increasing as well as a spread of these sites around the world.

Unfortunately, the deployment of data centers is still a slow and arduous process.  In a traditional setup the networks were racked, powered and connected.  After the hardware setup was complete, network administrators would come on site to deploy configurations into each individual device. This traditional model is still being used by many companies but a faster more agile way is available.

What can be done on Day One Deployments?

Day one is how we describe a brand new data center that has all the hardware physically installed but not configured and the network is not turned on or available.  Coming on site is an option that could require network administrators to travel to remote areas for deployments.  In colocation situations that additional time on site can be costly and limited as the company only rents the space.

An Opengear cellular out of band solution can give your network administrators the access as well as provide the connection necessary to access those devices on site.  For example, a new site half way across the world can be prepared with all the necessary hardware setup by an outside vendor.  Once the Opengear OOB management console is setup they can have full control of all the hardware at the site without ever setting foot on it.

Utilizing traditional OOB devices with POTS (modems) only allow a one to one connection.  This severely limits the number of people working on deploying the network.  In addition, with the slower data connections it also limits the ability to upload configurations or even upgrade firmware.  Check out our new Cellular vs POTS calculator to find out how cellular has a better ROI.

Two Birds with One Solution

One of the other benefits with utilizing Opengear for day one deployments is your network is completely setup for out of band management.  The same critical devices connected via console are also the same ones that need management during failures.  With our SmartOOB technology you can be sure your network will be resilient even if you are thousands of miles away.