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Another year is in the books and looking back, 2021 didn’t have many dull moments. Bennifer reunited, we learned most of us would never want to become a contestant on Squid Games and TikTok became an authority on pasta. We’re sure that 2022 will be another exciting year, one filled with new technological advancements and innovations to address the evolving needs of enterprises.

Here’s predictions from the Opengear team on what 2022 has in store for networks.

Working Hybrid

Many organizations have moved to a hybrid working environment which can create specific network challenges. Companies have had to become more agile on the fly and are having to reevaluate their infrastructure to support this ongoing trend.  Businesses need to have a network that facilitates collaboration and productivity no matter where an employee is located. IT teams have to be prepared to easily adapt. Successfully doing so will entail bringing together traditionally disparate networking domains such as access, IoT and physical security. Networks need to be secure, connected and scalable delivering a consistent experience to every employee, wherever they may be working. A Smart Out-of-Band solution ensures that critical applications are always accessible to employees, because when a disruption does occur, network reams are able to identify and remediate the issue remotely, without impacting operations.

Continued Threats To Uptime

Network outages are on the rise with downtime disrupting some of the largest organizations in the world in 2021. Some of the biggest threats to uptime for enterprises will be software upgrades gone wrong, cyber attacks and misconfiguration errors like mistakenly writing a configuration file. However, organizations that deploy Opengear solutions have the ability to manage their infrastructure remotely and securely, using an independent management plane. This allows engineering teams to quickly roll-back or undo these breaking changes, minimizing downtime.


There has been a dramatic shift when it comes to implementing a NetOps approach for growing, virtualized environments. Enterprises need to be able to automate processes, for things like securely provisioning new sites or even to test network processes to check latency. Companies will need tools that provide automated insight into how their remote sites are functioning at any given time. Two advantages of NetOps are upskilling and business efficiency. Employees will have access to more advanced technologies, streamlining operations and organizations can ensure critical business continuity.


The adoption of IoT is being driven by overall business goals. This type of technology opens up a range of possibilities for organizations to digitize processes and activities. However, as more organizations leverage IoT, a large strain is place on the network. Requiring constant connectivity, any kind of network outage will affect the usage of these devices. Failover to Cellular provides always-on network connectivity using 4G LTE when the primary link is unavailable. Enabling continued internet access ensures IoT devices can be used.

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The Edge

We’ve already seen a massive migration to the edge. It’s expected that by 2025, 75% of data will be processed there. The next generation of infrastructure for the internet and the cloud, there are many drivers of this move. As devices continue to get smarter, enterprises need the ability to capture data securely, reliably and securely. More critical applications are placed at the edge and Smart Out-of-Band allows businesses to manage infrastructure at remote sites. Providing the same resilience, scalability and connectivity found in the data center.

Enterprises need to have a futuristic mindset. They must address current organizational challenges and goals, while anticipating what will be needed in the future. Continuously evolving demands and markets have made business agility critical.  As new technologies become available, enterprises need to be able to confidently deploy them. Opengear provides the network resilience needed for all of your 2022 goals and beyond.