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Throughout the world, everyone’s working lives have suddenly become remote and because of this, visibility has become increasingly important. Social distancing and remote working have now become the norm, and tasks that are critical to business continuity, like going on-site to remediate issues during a disruption or set up a new network, are no longer an option. Lighthouse Enterprise is here to alleviate those issues.

Secure Provisioning in A Remote World

Lighthouse Enterprise already provides network engineers the ability to view and manage their entire network. Now our users are able to take advantage of our new Secure Provisioning Module. Enabling teams to automate the setup of entire remote networks, even when there’s no LAN or WAN in place, the module is a central point that enables the remediation of faults without making a trip out to a site.

Secure Provisioning extends these core capabilities of Smart Out-of-Band, beyond the maintenance and repair of existing networks, to the initial provision of new network routers, switches, firewalls and more. Remote and resilient, it takes the risk out of invasive WAN migration projects and forklift upgrades that have historically come at the expense of business continuity. Secure Provisioning enables an agile approach to network infrastructure management, in line with today’s rapidly evolving business requirements. It helps Ops teams move beyond the “fear culture” and embrace change.

Leveraging the remote presence and proximity of Opengear’s IM7200, ACM7000-L or node at the edge with a secure and resilient cellular uplink to Lighthouse at the core, it eliminates the need for network engineers to travel to remote sites, which it has already been connected to during pre-staging. Basic configuration tasks and pre-staging, which is already done remote, can now be all be done remotely.

Lighthouse Enterprise automatically pushes images, configuration, and script files to the device, which in turn provisions other hardware devices at the remote site. This completes the secure, zero-touch provisioning of local network infrastructure from a single appliance – and with no IT intervention required.

Built on best-practice DevOps tools like Git and Ansible, wrapped in an intuitive UI and powerful RESTful API, Secure Provisioning seamlessly integrates into existing operational workflows – no matter where your organization is on its network automation journey. Secure Provisioning extends the reach of Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), initially developed for rapid deployment in hyperscale data centers, to the very edge of your network. With support for all major network infrastructure vendors including Cisco, Arista, and Juniper, Secure Provisioning is a vendor-neutral solution that simplifies the delivery of initial configuration and software components to automatically bring network infrastructure online or back online.